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    The Only Solution to U.S. Immigration Problem

    The Only Solution to U.S. Immigration Problem

    Open Letter to President Barack Obama:
    From: Rev. Frank Paul Jones aka Apostle Paul Castellano

    The United States of America must openly negotiate with the Drug Cartels and our representatives will be required to act as a negotiating party for several departments in the Federal government to include but not limited to the FBI, who handles terrorism, The DEA, who handles Drug Law enforcement, the DOD, who control our military forces and deployment, the CIA, who handles our intelligence and the Secret Service, who protects our financial infrastructure and will handle security as deemed necessary.

    Problem: Our Current Drug War Policy Is A Detriment to National Security:

    The drug war we have entered into since the 1870's with anti-opium laws, that evolved into discrimination tactics in the South during the 1900's thru anti cocaine laws directed at blacks, marijuana laws directed at immigrants in the 1910's and 1920's, the current drug wars established by President Nixon in 1971 and Ronald Reagan in 1980's, which was targeted at black people.

    These drug policies created enormous wealth for drug cartel organizations, several drug epidemics from heroin to crack cocaine, as a result increasing the spread of HIV/AIDS, it totally destroyed the family structure as whole communities among blacks were grandparents often had to raise our children of today, because the parents were addicted to drugs, whose community's main commodity has become drugs and who are the people targeted based on factual and empirical data, arrest records and conviction rates based on demographics breakdowns, black's are the one's paying the greatest price of the current drug war against black people and not the cartels who control its distribution and makes the money earned from it. Therefore we must agree that our government really is not targeting the cartels and therefore should not pretend it is beneath us to open dialog with them to stop our discriminatory practices in law enforcement and economics. Because we created this financial institution, we must create the environment that will allow it to become beneficial to America.

    Now we are faced with an influx of immigrants who are simply trying to escape these drug control countries because of our drug polices. We have no realistic policy to address this and a military buildup would not be fiscally responsible and would not stop the distribution of the current heroin stockpile located throughout the United States in Cartel controlled safe houses. The only way to address immigration reform is to eliminate it root cause.

    President Obama's card: The truth about flight 587, which proves the cartels are actually terrorist organization with an a political agenda with connections all the way to Michael Bloomberg and President George W. Bush decision to stay in the war ion the middle east is a result of what happened on that day.

    1: We must define Drug Cartels as Terrorist organizations. We must redefine who the drug cartel is or what they are in order to deal with them at a negotiating capacity. Our government recently set legal precedent to allow President Obama to enter into negotiations with terrorist organizations, with the recent Bowe Robert Bergdahl negotiations.

    2: The DEA must reassign our drugs schedules, to support our new drug policies that are to support our economy.

    3: The Cartels must create a committee to represent them int binding agreements with the United States government.

    Resolution Template:

    A) Reduce the amount of drug distributed the United States.

    B) The burning of a predetermined amount of the current crops and the surrender of a certain amount of safe houses throughout the United States.

    C) New Drug Policies in the United States based on these reduced supplies and we must deal with drugs as a health issue and not a criminal activity. Thereby creating more rehabs and less prisons.

    D) The taxation of the money already made through the drug trade by the Cartels, the governments to insure a balance of power.

    E) A Cartel pardon and the granting of their ability to invest their money into the economy worldwide openly, bringing huge sums of money back into the system that is now out of circulation and thereby enhancing our economy from South America to the United States.

    Once this is done our immigration problem will resolve itself and our new immigration reform policies will be as a result of these negotiations. It is the nature of people to want to stay home and not go to strange lands. However, as a result of self preservation they are fleeing to survive the tyranny of a divided nation, due to the disposition we have placed Drug Lords into, yet we created the environment that created their demand.

    Rev. Frank Paul Jones aka Apostle Paul Castellano

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