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    Posted July 10, 2014 by
    South Korea

    Please Help. This cruelty needs to stop.


    I'm writing on behalf of all crying animals, especially dogs, that are abused, used and slaughtered in South Korea, where there are no law, no regulations to help them or people to hear their cries.


    My family and my 3 Westies moved to South Korea from England about 1 year ago.
    Few days ago, one of the westie, Nicko, went missing.
    While searching for him, I found several dog slaughtering farms (some illegal, some legal.) and 1 dog fighting place( I do not know how to call this place..is there even a word for it?).


    Dogs are abused. Locked in a tiny cage, several of them in one, waiting to be slaughtered, half of them already gone mad, the other half, dying.
    Koreans and their infamous dog eating culture is not a news to us. However, how far the cruelty on the dogs in the hands of their slaughterer, no one knows the specifics and I'm sure it's not something a normal human can possibly imagine.


    While searching for my beloved dog, I discovered 3 dog slaughtering farms and 1 ..with fight dogs, and injured ones, put in a separate cage with the big dogs that are to be turned into meats.


    I went to 2 of them with a police officer.
    In korea, technically, dog fight is illegal due to the fact that gambling is banned in the entire country and for its citizens, not because of animal right. In fact, there's no korean word for 'animal right'... let alone any animal protection laws or regulations..
    The police officer..made me thank the slaughters for 1) not charging me for breaking into private property 2) for being so generous and kind for showing me the insides of their ....farm.(I am disgusted to call these places a farm. because.. it isn't)
    Turned a completely blind eye to the fact that they are feeding the dogs human wastes and human food wastes that are collected separately in this country. The place had a hut to store all food wastes that are collected from all over the places.
    The wastes were so old and off that it turned into yellow, red coloured goo.
    When i broke into the hidden green house, where the dogs that are to be turned to meats are kept in, I saw hell.


    Cages were tiny, rusty, several of them in one cubicle. no water, but one bowl in each cubicle, and inside the bowl, the waste was in it for the dogs to ... feed on.
    The cages were about 1metre above the ground, so their wastes drops to the ground instead of mounting up inside the cage.
    On the ground, molds were growing on the top of their wastes.
    Half of them were mad. literally. They growled endlessly, with forms around their mouth, bouncing into rusty cage doors.
    The other half, lying there, all tightly squeezed in a tiny cubicle, waiting to die. I will never be able to forget their eyes looking up at mine so helplessly.


    Beagles.. I could tell they were sold after being used for animal testing.. quite easy to figure, since they have stamps on them.
    Some were injured, I couldn't tell how this could be, since cubicles were so tiny that there was no way the dogs could fight inside it when they can barely move. But later, I understood.


    I got kicked out of the hell by the owner. Screaming and swearing, telling me how its all legal and my trespassing isn't.
    This was the moment when the police made me thank this disgusting human for not pressing charges.


    There wasn't anything more I could do. and being a selfish human that I am, I found relief in the fact that my Nicko wasn't inside the hell. Police left, and I turned the car around to drive off from the hell. That was when I saw other part of the 'farm', much more spacious, cages hidden not by a green house but by bushes and trees and metal plates. Inside the cages, I saw smaller, but much more vicious and muscled dogs with raw meats and bones in their cages. They were separated far away from each other unlike the dogs in the green house covered hell.
    I ran back to the owner. Demanding him to show me the inside of that part of the farm.
    He laughed in his face. Then he said "Girl, there's no way you can enter there, they are fighting dogs."


    This is the moment when I realised that all the injured dogs in the cages inside the greenhouse were all dogs that got injured during their fight. for human amusement and gambling.


    If there's a real hell on earth, I've seen it, right here, in this country.
    Please do not tell me to report the situation to the government. They are turning their blind eyes, there are no laws to punish the owners of these hells.


    Yes, technically, illegal. Would reporting help? no.
    In a country, where there's not even a word that describes 'animal rights', no one cares about animals. The people does not think of it as cruelty. The people, they simply have no opinion of it because they just don't care.


    The dogs, the animals, they do not have nationalities.
    We, entire human race, owe it to them for taking over their lives and their freedom to help them out of such misery.
    The entire country here, they cannot hear their cries. They cannot see the cruelties. Some, very few, hears it but does not have the power to help them. What can a little minority group do against the entire country with its own government allowing such situation?


    Please, hear them.


    Please Help them to be heard.


    Maybe, just maybe, when enough people hear their cry, something could change for the better.

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