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    1. How do style and music combine?


    Fashion and music are both art, you can and should be creative in both. With colors, shapes and lengths. I love playing with fashion and style when on stage. It`s like a limitless artistic playground.


    2. Do you see yourself in other genres of music, besides jazz?


    I love singing all kinds of music, I don`t really limit myself to only one or two genres. I think music is a language, and no matter what dialect you are using, you will be still speaking the same language.


    3. Whats your favorite social network, and why?


    My favorite social network, well that`s a rather interesting question.
    I think Facebook is great for marketing, I love YouTube because it`s connected to music, it`s probably my favorite social network, if I can put it in that category. But I also like Instagram because I get loads of inspiration from the photos of my friends.


    4. Whats the song you could sing 10 times in a row?


    Probably "God Bless The Child". People who know me , they know that that song kind of became my hymn.


    5. Who is audince for Jazz in 21 century? What type of people listen to Jazz these days?


    Jazz Audience of the 21st century, well you still have people who were young at the time when jazz was popular. Then the young enthusiastic musicians, and the last category that probably has the least amount of people is regular people who like jazz.


    6. Wheres your favorite vacation place?


    My favorite vacation place would be, both my grandparents` houses.If we are speaking beach then probably anywhere in Greece. And if we are speaking party - Miami


    7. If you werent a singer, you would be..


    A fashion designer.


    8. Do many young people tend to play and sing in Jazz music?


    Well I am not sure if you mean - both sing and play an instrument. That is actually a common thing in jazz. Many musicians sing really well even tho they are instrumentalists, it`s just the good way to help phrasing and finding your own voice, especially when improvising.
    But if you meant, if there are many young people who play and sing jazz, definitely yeah. Loads of young musicians play and sing jazz.


    9. How social networks help you in your singing career?


    All social network, and all the technology in general, today, is really helpful. It`s free marketing, especially if you have a good following. I think it`s a very important thing in an artists career.


    10. What did you say when you saw yourself in media for the first time?


    Well I don`t really remember it, I must be honest. Since I have been on different Televisions, Magazines and Radios since I was really little.
    My parents are well known visual artists - painters, so we have been followed by media since I was really young. But I am sure I was excited!


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    jouranlist and editor

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