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    How Andy Shaw Gave His Own Son The Confidence To Successfully Perform A Scooter Back-flip

    International speaker and Author of "A Bug Free Mind" Andy Shaw recently shared with us how he managed to help his son in finding success to perform a back-flip on his scooter.

    In a recent interview Andy Shaw gives a detailed report of how he used his teachings found in "A Bug Free Mind" to help his own son break through his mental barrier to successfully perform a back-flip on his scooter (video clip below). Andy recalls the complete story about his son's success and was quick to point out that his son's success mindset and how his view on things differed from most kids of his age, and that his persistence to excel in his chosen area of interest had really inspired him.

    Andy said "In summer 2009 whilst living in Cyprus my son showed me some Youtube videos of people doing cool tricks on a 'scooter'. He asked me if I thought he'd ever be that good... Fortunately I was present enough to recognize that this was the point at which I could inspire him... I said, sure you will.... It's just a matter of deciding you want to do it and then keep going until you achieve it. If you're willing to make this your life, then it'll be easy for you. I didn't tell him it would be hard but if he stuck at it. I told him it would be easy, and it was his choice."

    He was in fact quite adamant and told me... "And before you think I'm this caring parent who supports their child all the time, I want to assure you I'm not. David has to get himself to the Skate-parks most of the time. He has to make it happen." He continued to explain how David had been attempting to get a back-flip right for a while now, and had practised this dangerous trick in various foam pits, but that the last step of attempting it on a skate-park where there's no protection was what was really causing his mindset to have a problem.

    Andy then went on to explain what happened when his son went to do it the Saturday before last but just couldn't summon the last bit of effort needed to do the flip. So on Saturday night when I saw him just as he went to bed and offered to take him to the park myself in the morning to help him get over the last hurdle. Andy then said "I thought he'd forget, but he didn't and so first thing on Sunday morning we were at Crawley Skate-park".

    He continued by telling me "I got him to visualize the flip multiple times on the way up there and then told him to visualize it again on the ramp. I kept asking him how it would feel when he'd done it... I was simply getting him to program his subconscious mind for what he wanted to happen. When he got to the top of the ramp again he couldn't do it as he was sure he'd hit his head. Bare in mind this pretty scary stuff... So I was nervous but I couldn't let him see that at all. He kept looking at it and then I said, he didn't need to do it today if he didn't want to but if he wasn't going to then I wanted to go (the takeaway was played). Within a few seconds he was at the top of the ramp and off.

    Click here to watch what happened in the next five seconds: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Aq3iyggkkA
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