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    Posted July 11, 2014 by
    Tampa, Florida

    Police Brutality getting out of hand in Florida


    Florida is a beautiful place but racism here is getting out of control. The cops stereotype individuals and i had to pay the price. I was walking late at night and i confronted a cop he tried to detain but i asked him for his probable cause. he didn't have one. So i told him i was going to record this when i grabbed my phone he started to beat me senseless. When the other cops arrived they continued to beat me. They hog tied me and left me there. As Im am only a highschool student 5'6, 130 pounds. I am very small. I did not hit any of the cops. the only thing i did was bite one because he was choking me out. ABC news did a report and had alot of false information. They ruined my entire reputation. I am a honor student and was hoping to be attending a University at this time. I called them and asked to do the real report and they stated i wasnt an important enough person to do the story. The cops hide evidence from me and the lawyer. The police report has missing information. None of the cops have tapes but there was five cop cars there ??? it doesnt make sense. The system is so corrupt, Im so scared for my life. All i tried to do was talk to the cop to help but instead i get the biggest ass whooping in history. I came from Colombia, to pursuit the "American Dream" Unfortunately, I arrived in the state if Florida the most racist state in America. I was homeless at the time, but I was still in school. I love school, I love to learn and it was my only escape from the world. I learned about the law and took advantage of the public school system in America which I am very grateful for. One night I was beat up by white cops for being Hispanic and nothing has been to help me. My entire life has been ruined. ABC news did a report on me and ruined my entire reputation, the cops beat me up so bad, Im almost blind. Now I have TMJ because of them and its difficult to eat, talk or anything else. The worst part is that now i have memory loss. I can barely remember anything from last week. I CANT LEARN ANYMORE !! All ever wanted to do was go to school, and learn and now i can barely study without getting headaches, i can barely remember any i try to learn. I have nothing left in life but a supporting family. All i ever wanted to was pursuit my dream of becoming a Professor, like how my father was in Colombia. Please help me, They dropped all charges and i had to pled to resisting WITHOUT violence. But why was I resisting ? they have no reason. This is horrible, im been such a humble person my entire life. All i ever wanted to do was help others considering that i come from such a poor country. It not fair, no one wants to help me. I cant afford any doctors, I cant afford any test. i dont have insurance. Please help. My future is completely ruined and my only 19. i thought out ending my life many times. but i cant.... i want to live and learn and travel and help the people in need. Please help anyone. This story cant just sit in the back of my head. Things like this shouldnt happen to people because of their race. It shouldnt happen to anyone. With alot of work i was able to graduate highschool with a 4.2 gpa. it could've have been way better if it wasnt so difficult to learn now. All i ever wanted was free education. Im a good kid.

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