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    "My High School Experience"

    Hello CNN,

    Today is my 28th birthday, and for the longest time I've wanted to share my story of my experience in high school. It's been awhile since I've graduated but when I saw "The Bullying stops now" on CNN; I realized my story needed to be heard. My father served in the United states Army for 22 years and I moved all over the world growing up. I experienced a lot of different cultures and hit a few points in my childhood being bullied, but the true severity of my experience being bullied started when I attended Fife High School in Washington State when my father was stationed on Ft. Lewis. The very first day was when it started. As it appeared, I looked like Christina Aguilara to the girls at the school and the boys there liked me. I didn't catch on this was the reason for what I'm about to tell you. Every passing period, every time i entered the lunch room, every time I got off the bus, in class; i was called horrible names. It never stopped. Constant….. The school decided to make a look a like contest one year and compared different people who attended Fife High School to different celebrities and I was of course, chosen for Christina Aguilera. My picture was on the school news and now it really became severe. I had girls pulling my hair as i walked down the halls, girls screaming curse words and other words describing my appearance. Their was nothing wrong with my appearance. I had my own look and it ruined me for being just me. I was 15 years old going through what every 15 year old goes through. Then, the bullying became so bad I had death threats and students from my school who found out where i lived and decided to drive up next to me and throw yogurt in my face and say quote " Eat this bitch". Then I had my own vice principal tell me, and I quote " if you beat them join them". Meaning, change your look to fit in. I was pulled into the councilors office and told that they were concerned for my safety and that it would benefit me to transfer to the alternative school, also due to me traveling and being pulled out of school and home schooled a few times rued my credits. Yes, home schooling was my high school experience as well and when I transferred to the Alternative, everyone knew me and knew why i was there. It was no secret. I was the talk of the day almost every day. I couldn't believe that I was in this situation. But, I managed to complete my last two years of high school in one year. I was determined to graduate on time.And, I did. It ruined me begin bullied just because of how i looked. I never even had the chance to go to prom. But, it has made me a stronger person today and with so many students going through the same thing, I think that and know my experience would impact their lives in a very positive way. I would love to share my story to the world. Theirs more to this story but, this is the simplistic version. Hope to hear from CNN very soon. And even if my story isn't of interest, at least i had your attention. Thank you so much, Erica Allen.
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