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    Posted July 11, 2014 by
    Los Angeles, California
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    Lady Justice to Lady Liberty: Careful, Kidnapping Applied


    There is an idea how to get concentrated on our own, inner "humanitarian issues" and make it in the best sense of market economy.




    Really, don't we have already own orphans, homeless boys and girls, or street-arabs of any world-wide known national origin? Are those "samples" from Central America are totally missed in our communities or they are just in the huge demand for their extraordinary human-being qualities, in which we must immediately invest to grow and develop them for a country complete success? Is my Los Angeles can proudly report already to be the cleanest city free from its famous landmarks aka bums under bridges, in squares, and in the middle of downtown, with the well advertised skid-row, in the approximate vicinity of The City Hall?




    Country declares its support to the newly assigned Ukrainian government. Well, let them pay back. Let them show true loyalty to the world-wide-thanks-giver by providing its fleet to perform urgent operation for removal (1) all illegally dropped off on The United States soil minors together with accompanied network (2) of alleged relatives (there is just a reasonable suspicion for the next productive chapter in the chain of allegedly accepted organized criminality).




    U.S. shall pay nothing. In the case of Ukraine paying back they are going to do that for G7 announced credit money, say those declared extra 17 Billions, which anyway will be certainly wasted in any other (well standardized) ways.


    Our military guys shall not be involved in such operations where is "nothing that is taking place down there that (U.S. President is) not intimately aware of and briefed on. This isn't theater. This is a problem". But, again, this kind of problem can be solved a little bit practically by the hands of others (politically correctly: with the generous support of our proteges over sea, prepaid by Eurounion, interested to keep themselves untouched from the danger of uncontrolled foreign invasion or more secured). See again, Eurounion cares, but U.S.


    If no congressional agreement follows, so build Great U.S. Wall - ask Chinese government for possibility to apply for our international debts decrease, cool, ha?


    Two CNN based citations from the text above underline:


    (1) - Republican, Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, said the United States should immediately fly the children back to their home countries. IT WOULD COST LESS and signal U.S. INTOLERANCE for those who enter the country illegally, he argued.


    (2) - "What's happened is these children are placed with FAMILY MEMBERS in the United States and given a notice to appear for a later court hearing. Some have called this a notice to DISAPPEAR, not a notice to appear," as most don't show up, Texas Republican Sen. John Cornyn said.


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