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    Posted July 12, 2014 by
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    The Diet Terminator Eliminates All Diets Forever!

    This is a pre notice to inform the public that The Diet Terminator will be launched Tuesday 15th July 2014. You can get a preview here:

    This is not about a diet to lose weight. Using diets to lose weight is at best a temporary band-aid solution that will cause serious health issues in the future. Long term, a diet is more likely to make you fat and damage your health.

    The Diet Terminator is a membership program that attacks and cures the true cause of today's weight problems – Food addiction. Until the addiction is gone, the weight will always return.

    For decades ever more people have had to join the weight loss battle. Despite thousands of diets and exercise programs, it’s a battle virtually no one is able to win. The fact is till forty years ago, very few healthy people ever dieted.

    So it begs the question: What changed?

    The answer is very simple. Diets and dieting are a very new concept for a normal, healthy human body. It simply wasn’t done till we began to incorporate manufactured, fake, processed foods into our daily diet.

    Forty years ago, a worldwide media scare campaign about cholesterol frightened and bullied millions of people into giving up our traditional diet. Instead we began to follow a bogus food plan that became known as the Food Pyramid.

    It was said to be the only cure for cholesterol.

    In reality, the Food Pyramid, as well as the current “Food Plate” are merely a reversal of the natural, traditional diet that most people followed, till they were panicked into changing it forty years ago.

    The Food Pyramid did not just falsely claim to cure cholesterol problems. It triggered a food addiction. It went on to cause an obesity epidemic and a new disease known as Diabetes type 2.

    So why, after forty years, has nobody even tried to learn the truth and warn us with the facts? The answer is simple: “The Food Industry”. This is the most powerful, influential industry in the world.

    It is a young industry that was founded and built on a dangerous addiction. Food Addiction was knowingly, created by the Food industry. It stands to profit not only on their present, addicted victims, but on future generations. I know for many people, that’s hard to believe.

    According to statistic, 86% of us will be obese and addicted by 2030!

    If that’s hard to believe, ask yourself this question: How did the tobacco industry rely on an addiction for their profits and growth for a hundred years. They are still in business today, preying on our kids.

    Some of the past CEO’s of the Cigarette industry now head up some of the food industry conglomerates. – Coincidence? I don’t think so! Do you?

    The most lucrative business in the world is one that can legally profit from an addiction. They are the envy of any drug Cartel.

    By now you probably wonder if food addiction is a ‘real’ addiction. The answer is that Food addiction is as real and dangerous as any drug, tobacco or alcohol addiction.

    It is killing people right now, through morbid obesity, diabetes type 2 and the recent increases in heart disease colon and bowel cancer. These are all diet related diseases.

    But surely the symptoms are different?

    Food cravings, binge eating, hunger pains, withdrawals, fatigue, high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, allergies,headaches and other pains. I think you’ll agree they are not that different to any other addiction.

    What makes foods addiction symptoms less obvious? We are bombarded with the addictive substance wherever we turn. Temptation is everywhere and it is very cheap. Symptoms are rarely felt till we try to withdraw.

    There is no such thing as a ‘safe’ addiction. We cure it, or we suffer the consequences.


    The cholesterol scare campaign proved to be as fake as the problems it claimed to cure. Every test conducted to gauge someone’s HDL LDL ratio was done incorrectly. The numbers were simply added together.

    This Guaranteed a high reading for almost everyone. It is hard to believe, but it took 30 years to correct that mistake. A mistake that has caused lives and the health of millions. You should not expect a media campaign about that subject anytime soon.

    There is a general belief that our body is designed to adapt. That is completely false. We can change our hair our clothes and general appearance. but our body is locked into evolution and that's a process that takes many eons, not four decades.
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