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    Posted July 12, 2014 by

    The Virginian Dummy



    My name is Vania Allen and on April 9, 2014 I decided to leave Miami, Florida and re-locate to Virginia Beach, VA. Unfortunately the ONLY opportunity I had at that time was to leave with people I barely knew. They were a couple, one of them was actually from Virginia and so I felt sure I was making the right decision. So off we went and drove my car.

    We arrived in Virginia around 3:30pm that Wednesday afternoon and from that day to Sunday April 13, 2014 we did what most people do when they are new to a place. We went out to eat, checked out the scenery ,went shopping etc.

    Later on that evening we decided we would go out to a few local bars for drinks. When we returned back to our rooms , early Monday morning April 14th, I was questioned by the guy of the couple about money he was missing. At first I was in total shock because his question came from "absolutely" out of no where and I had spent enough time with them without any issues at all. It seemed that there was no reason for me to doubt them or for them to doubt me.

    When I came back to my senses I explained to him that there was no reason for me to steal from him. It was MY car that was used to transport us from A to B. It was my phone he was using because of it's internet capability. I bought my own food and paid for my own expenses. "What reason do I have to steal from you?", I asked.

    After going back and forth with him he pushes me down and starts wrestling with me. Over and over I'm crying out saying I did not steal from him. When he finally got off of me , I got up and started packing my bags. I was afraid but I just began packing not knowing how I was going to get out of this. This guy showed me he was violent and I felt I would be attacked trying to get out of there.

    He asked me a couple more times if took his money. He said if I would just come clean about it he would leave me alone. I told him that I really wished I did take it so that I could give it back to him for him to leave me alone.

    Then he looks down and realizes that his necklace is on the floor and it's broken. That took him to the next level. He threw his shaving bag at my head and jumps on me. He starts kicking and punching me, and then he says, " I'm gonna kill you, you know that"? Then his girlfriend , after watching everything in the background, started trying to get him off of me , but he stopped when he was ready.

    When he was done there was only sobs, feeling sorry for myself and feeling helpless. Suddenly there was a knock at the door " Virginia Beach Police" , they said. When I heard that I immediately felt saved. All my fear was gone for the moment. The guy who assaulted me tried to get me to hide in the bathroom while he talks to the police. I told him I would scream as loud as I can so I ran past him and opened the door.

    Two male officers were standing there and one asks " What's going on here?". The guys quickly responds that he was simply trying to break up a fight between his girlfriend and I, but I made sure I pointed out to the officers my eye that was punched and marks all over my body and on his neck from me fighting him off. I told the officer I was afraid and that I was in the process of leaving if he could escort me.

    While I was inside my room packing up my things , both officers were outside talking to the couple while one officer SHOULD HAVE BEEN inside with me. Once I had everything all packed up and inside my car, I couldn't leave because I discovered my car key was missing. At that point I'm running around crazy looking for it and while I'm running around crazy looking for it he's calling me all kinds of nasty names and talking crazy to me. Now as a women who just got beat up by a man and could not defend herself and to hear him ruthlessly continue to call me out of my name and insult me, I was FURIOUS , so I began defending myself by lashing back at him. In the middle of him lashing at me and me lashing back, one of the officers says, " That's it. I'm taking you to jail. You don't know your limit". I'm thinking what the heck is he talking about? Then he says " you're drunk in public". The officer handcuffs me and tells the guy who assaulted me what time I will get out jail. He takes me away leaving the guy with ALL my belongings, my purse with all my money, cards, passport, my clothes , shoes, misc but most of all my car. I wanted to die.

    Why did the officer take ME to jail? This question continues on in my head. IF I was drunk in public, which I was not, I was in my hotel room minding my own business, being quiet and not disturbing anyone, until that guy jumped on me. The ONLY reason why you the police were called is because I was being assaulted. How is that a drunk in public?

    Let's say I was drunk. Okay, if so be the case, why did I go to jail and NOT the guy who assaulted me? We all went out drinking together. Why did I have to get beaten up and taken into custody because of my defending myself? THIS DOES NOT IN ANY WAY MAKE SENSE!

    I was discriminated against not because of my race but because of my gender. There is no reason for that man to be left alone when I was beaten up and taken into custody. This is a domestic violence crime and not a drunk in public. There is no reason for two MALE officers to come to my rescue and FAIL to rescue me. There is no excuse for this!

    The commonwealth of Virginia laws on domestic violence clearly states quote un-quote " When police have reason to believe that a domestic assault and battery has occurred, the law REQUIRES them to arrest the person suspected of the crime", quote un-quote.

    I was taken to jail illegally. My name is Vania Allen and I ask that you view this as serious as I do. Thank you.
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