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    Posted July 12, 2014 by
    Rochesteer, New York
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    Gods purpose in my life!!!!!

    Since I was a child I seen visions of evil and good!!! I had horrible nightmares I awoke trying to scream and cry out to my mother but my voice was mute!!!! Throughout my life I have and still am sometimes afraid to sleep for I see such horrible things. I awake in fear and confusion!!!! Well I use too!!!! On May 12th 2002 I had a car wreck which would of killed me if it were not for Gods will and purpose to have me here today!!!!!!! I suffered head injuries, multiple organ lacerations, and the car literally split me in half!!! Churches prayed and my family prayed and cried out to God for my life!!! He must of loved me so because I awoke on June 6 traumatized and unknowing what had occurred. All I remembered was leaving work and waking up broken. My left arm and leg were put together. My neck braced and breathing tubes helping me breath!!!!! I remember opening my eyes and my mother being there. I seen happy birthday signs and I thought what happened. I couldn't speak or move!!! The shock was terrifying, confusing, and hurtful. My life could not get any worst. I have ben through so much throughout my childhood. Growing up in poverty and having violence, drugs, and ungodly people rape and hurt me. I was at the end of my rope. But, I held on for my children I bettered my life went to school studied. Maintained a respectful path with the law. Then this! Now, not only was I broken in the inside emotionally due to my childhood experiences but now I am broken on the outside. Who would love me now I thought to myself. I asked God why!!! Why didn't you just end this!!!!! Why didn't you take my life I am so miserable and now this. See I hid my inner pain with my outer beauty. Today I understand God wanted me to heal inside. Yes I am all scared up but I can truly say I am healing everyday and getting to know the God that loved me so. He gave me a second chance!!!!!! I remember visions!!!!! I was so scared!!!! My mother told me I was crying during my coma. Tears kept running down my face!!!!! I just looked at her for I knew If I told her where I was or anyone for that matter they would not believe me. I was with God!!! God showed me things!!!! He showed me the Hell I would of gone to and will still go if I don't obey him and follow his word!!!!! He showed me the Heavens and the beautiful things that I have awaiting me if I obey him and follow his word! He showed me future comings!!! What is to come to this earth this city. I didn't understand what I seen for I was so overwhelmed with pain and grief that I just wanted to die!!!!!!!Now I understand. So today is the day I tell the world my story!!!!!!! I went to Heaven and Hell and I sat at the Lords feet while he rubbed my head and showed me these things that are to happen!!!!! You probably think I am crazy I thought I was too!!!! I even committed my self in a mental institution it was too much for me at the time. But, I thank my Father God for loving me so!!!!!!! I get to see my grandson play and turn 1 this month. I seen my daughter cross her high school stage and graduate for the first time I thanked god for letting me live to see my baby girl graduate and become the woman I could of been. I am so grateful to be alive and have this knowledge that God has bestowed in me!!!!!!! I have three beautiful, intelligent children a grandson. They are kindhearted and giving!!!! I get to see my children grow and become humble and God obeying adults. People look at the earth all the hurt, violence, unjust cruelty that man is creating and inflicting on our people and nations. God is real!!!!!!! So is Hell!!!!!! We have a choice to obey the Work of God or be condemned by the fires of Hell. Believe have Faith and compassion!!!!! Pray for the worst is yet to come!!!!!!!!!!! Revelations in the Holy Bible states all that is happening now!!! Open your eyes and see the truths that are right before your eyes before it is too late!!!!!! Read the Word of God!!!!!! Pray for guidance and truth and it shall be given to you!!!!!!!!

    Thank you for reading this and may God have Mercy on us all. God Bless us All
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