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    The First Successful Testicle Transplant Done by 11 Year Old

    Paul at about 11 years old (1969-70) drafted the blueprints to the first testicle transplant

    Richard Starks and Tyler Brooks are Great African American Heroes

    By: Rev. Frank Paul Jones aka Apostle Paul Castellano

    According to history, the first successful testicle transplant was performed in 1978 and the first successful testicle transplant whereby the recipient fathered a child was in 2001. Richard Starks of the Queensbridge projects who is the first cousin of Tyler Brooks of Queensbridge projects is our first success story. And Tyler the recipient fathered a child. I was about 10 years old when this happened, it was about 1969 when we did this.

    I understand why this had to happen now and it was one of my shameful moments in life. Because I never knew why. For long time I repressed this one. There were not many close friends that I did such harm to. I liked him but he bullied me that day. We were playing and we would compete at things like jumping our bikes over barriers. He kind of forced me to make a very dangerous jump and I did it, but then they made him try it and when he tried his bike crashed and he lost both of his testicles. His first cousin was the right match and we successfully replaced one testicle in Tyler and one stayed with Richard. I misused my powers so it seemed then, but I realize the significance of why this had to happen now.

    The Illuminati Jews teaches that the soul is in the testicles and by removing them you sell your soul to Satan. There are many people out there now who had their testicles removed in order to serve Satan at high levels of authority. And what they were actually did by going through this process, is removed a key component or their ability to desire as men do. This is how you know a demon. He has no testicles when he gains high authority.

    This is what they wanted us to believe our Lord and Savior is. They described the actions of a eunuch or someone like the Pope as the Son of Man. He has no sexual desires because he symbolically sold his soul by removing his testicles. However, I never gave anyone them such authority. How can you sell something that is not yours and you don't even possess? You cannot sell your soul because the spirit belongs to God, but you can let the devil make an ass out of you.

    Richard Starks was probably the greatest athletic specimen since OJ Simpson. He ran the 100 yard dash with one testicle in him at 10.1 Seconds. And held the record for many years at L.I.C. High School. But he gave up one of his testicles out of the love for his cousin, not knowing the historical significance it will have and is about to just find out. Because of this his career was stolen before it started, but he might have saved a bunch of fools to ashamed to admit what they did.

    Find Richard "Juney" Starks and Tyler Brooks. I think Tyler lost it behind this. I do not know, because I haven't been gone from Queensbridge for a few years. These two man have to be examined and documented and compensated. And this report must be sent to the Prince Hall Freemasons and figure out how this was done, find the documentation or blueprints. And they should be properly added to the history books as the first successful testicle transplant and to have a child by the recipient in the world.

    It was impetrative that this be reversible. Otherwise there would not have been any defense against mass castration of black males or even mines.

    Rev. Frank Paul Jones - President and CEO - The National Community Network, INC.
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