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    Posted July 13, 2014 by
    Yucca Valley, California
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    Day in the Life...California Desert Tortoise


    Arnold is enjoying another summer with us. Well...he's sort of enjoying it. The California High Desert is usually Dry with DRY HEAT. We have had way too much HUMIDITY already this summer and are ready for our wonderful DRY HEAT to return. I'm not sure, but don't think Arnold is loving this weather either.
    He gets up between 8-10am & goes outside (from his room inside our home) to play in his yard. His day starts with a chilly mixed salad and some days a piece of fruit. He had a juicy Pear today...mmm.  Then there is a bit of sun bathing followed by a short walk & a bit more sun bathing. 
    He has a little 'hut' under the pine tree which he enjoys.  My husband built him a little wooden condo but he seems to enjoy this little hut.  Note in these photos that the 1st photo or 2 shows Arnold's eyes closed...the next show his eyes opening slowly! "Oh geez, it's Mom with the camera again". There are some branches crossed over & he digs a bit into the dirt. We keep it a bit damp for him.  Note that he also throws a bit of dirt over his back...keeps him cooler yet.  He's got great little feet if you look you can see his 'elephant foot' right rear.  LOL  He sometimes sticks both feet straight out behind him.  Really gets into relaxing.    He has a 1-ring kiddie pool that we keep with a couple of inches of water so he can walk in/out. He seems to enjoy it & also takes nice big drinks of water.
    By 5-6pm he's ready to come inside & 'parks' by the gate to wait for us to take him in.
    When we moved up here & built our home we also had a block home built for Arnold outside. However, one very late night one of our kitties alerted me to something wrong by making very strange noises. I'm sure it was to get my attention to help Arnold. I finally realized that Arnold was being attacked behind a large boulder near our patio by 2 large Raccoons! Yes, I had no idea but they attacked him & chewed his hiney a bit. We had to find an emergency room....thankfully he is ok. He Never again slept outside. Mother Nature is harsh.

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