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    Posted July 13, 2014 by

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    Connecting worlds


    Technology made simple is no longer a dream. To bring art and technology to a working entity is part of my mission. There shall be an example so you can explore it by yourself just by a few pages. I republished for this purpose an interview with the chatbots “Eugene Goostman” and “Ramona 4.2” – both famous entities: http://issuu.com/artblue/docs/chatbots


    Never heared? Eugene Goostman has in total 209,000 direct links after he passed the Turing Test. The competitor Ramona 4.2 is made by Prof. Raymond Kurzweil, director of engineering at Google. But art and technology needs a framework, needs to point out to real worlds, to the world where gossip count and then there are visitors. So 209.000 is not much compared to – let´s take “Paris Hilton” with 23,500,000 hits on Google. Luckily software works the same way even for some small messages. And here comes ISSUU. The redesigned dinosaur of 2006 may get again some awards like in 2009 by TIME magazine as it has new features but can still be used in simple ways by everyone to make a personal story looking great in design and text.


    ISSUU works on all platforms and browsers -- looking always like you have a printed magazine in hand. I once called such a concept and the demands behind in the 90s “infinitescreen” – we had to adapt websites for different browsers and screen resolutions to get them done nicely. But it always was to struggle hard. Same is still the cause when you choose a design for your blog. What width to take? What about the navigation bar? Will 250 pixel be enough?


    The most important thing I see in the new ISSUU is the simple way to do weblinks out of the document, out of the published magazine, keeping still the “click to page” concept. You see the offered links after a while when your mouse stays over the page, like resting [as you read]. You can choose as a publisher to have them like hyperlinks with a different colour and you may add an additional underscore – or place them - as I demonstrate in my example in a hidden, or let´s say sensitive way. The search function I like as well. Check out by a personal test – just search let´s say for “Fuschia”. Also test how to select and republish – the very new functions introduced by ISSUU. Make a PDF and upload it. Most easy to get the PDF via Microsoft Office, like Powerpoint “save as PDF”. Place around the words you want to hyperlink to a website a frame with no borders and inner filling like background (normally white) add the hyperlink and up you go! You see it done for Aressana hotel at the beginning of the short story.



    Happy publishing!

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