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    Posted July 13, 2014 by

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    Yankee pronunciations of local towns and rivers.

    Here on the Mississippi gulf coast we have a steady flow of tourists from all over the nation but it’s usually quite easy to establish their non-native status based not much on their accent but more how they pronounce local town and river names. I would think those in other parts of the nation such as the northeast would get a kick out of how easy it is to spot a native southerner in places like NY or NJ other than the fact they’re always looking up…lol.
    Here’s an experiment. (Don’t cheat and look at the bottom). Look at the words below and determine how you would say them on the spot. Most importantly, this is not whatsoever about the dictionary pronunciation of words but how locals pronounce the words. Thanks.
    1. Biloxi
    2. Pass Christian
    3. Saucier
    4. Tchoupitoula
    5. Carriere
    6. Gautier
    7. Diberville
    8. Dedeaux
    9. Tchoutacabouffa
    10. Beauvoir
    11. New Orleans

    Here’s how these words are pronounced locally.

    1. Biloxi = ba-lux-E – For some reason tourists always want to say ba-LOX-E…
    2. Pass Christian = Pass Chris-E-Ann – Tourists usually say it like the religion.
    3. Saucier = so-sure – pickup truck, gun rack and baseball cap required for this town.
    4. Tchoupitoula= Chop-a-too-la
    5. Carriere = K-rear
    6. Gautier = go-shay - My personal favorite as I hear really funny versions of this word.
    7. Diberville = D-I-berville….tourists will use a short “I” instead of a long.
    8. Dedeaux = D-doe
    9. Tchoutacabouffa= chot-a-ca-boof-a
    10. Beauvoir = bO-vwa
    11. New Orleans = Old time locals = Nawlins, newer locals = New Orluns (luns as in buns)
    Tourists and deceptive types = New OrlEEns.

    So how Southern are you?
    Match 6+ out of 11 - You just might be missing your Southern home. You should double check your genealogy.
    Match 3 to 5 – You might be a tourist and nice place to visit but wouldn’t wanna live there kinda person.
    Match 0 to 2 = It just might be dangerous for you to trek the Mason-Dixon Line.

    One more thing I find really funny about tourists no matter where they are from or where they visit is that they’ll make a comment about how the locals have an accent when they’re the only one around with the accent! Too funny.
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