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    Posted July 14, 2014 by

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    Pings to the After Life


    On Wednesday, July 16, 20.00 London time [20.00 GMT = 12.00 PM PST = 21.00 Paris Time = 22.00 Santorini Time] the first group of visitors will arrive at Santorini DREAMT FOREST to set a ping on the after life.


    1,668 trees shall be planted during the next three month.


    A symbol for peace, a peace mechanism indeed. First you create yourself, you learn to walk. You take a tree out of a box – called the “tree giver” – you place the tree on the planters field hold by “the greeter” [made by Yooma Mayo]. Then you water the tree, your tree as each tree has a unique number. You see the first leaves growing, two of them. You may even notice an owl sitting on your tree when you get a “lucky number”. Then you come back after hours or days and you water your tree again by touching it. Your tree is growing, your tree gets life. Then time comes to call a gardener. Gardeners are called the makers of the art installation who contributed sculptures to the project, coming from Canada, France, Germany, Greece, Japan, Mexico, United Kingdom, United States of America. There virtual names: Aley Resident, Art Blue, Bryn Oh, Cherry Manga, Feathers Boa, Leopard Adored, Navah Dreams, Qnav What, Uan Ceriaptrix, Yooma Mayo … and some unnamed, some even already forgotten or unknown.


    Then you point at your tree and you may say, “that’s mine. I planted it”. The gardener you called is here to carry it to the land of the DREAMT FOREST made by Navah Dreams to give the tree a home. You search for a nice place there. You start to dream in the forest about “pings from the After Life”.


    You may ask where I get such pings? How can I join the visitors group? There is a blog written by Thirza Ember, the tour guide of the Hypergrid Safari.

    Contact her in facebook at https://www.facebook.com/thirza.ember - the HG safari tours in opensim worlds each Wednesday, starting at 20.00 GMT. Most time they start from OSgrid. Then you travel using a hypergate jumper to all the planets which are connected. In The Algebraist [Ian Banks] it will be called in the year 4034 the Mercatoria network -- now we call it just “Hypergrid enabled” grids connecting servers worldwide – so DREAMT FOREST is just a click away from you. Enjoy the sunset at Santorini Biennale 2014 bringing first time an Immersivia installation to the audience.

    Enjoy to read a story written by Art Blue about the mission in http://storytelling.writtenweird.com Magazine -- published also at Youtube channel ArtXploder. Create a new mission, your mission. Send it to Written Weird Magazine, make photos, get your story published, get prizes. Copy your doing into the time capsule of Silent Running. Read at Nara´s blog for a start to get into the dream http://www.narasnook.com/2014/07/tree-spirits.html


    Enjoy to be a part of the After Life.



    DREAMT FOREST, an art experience set into Life by 2014 Santorini Biennale

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