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    Posted July 13, 2014 by
    kingston IL, Illinois

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    Do you see what I see?


    So I live in the Northern part of Illinois and yesterday I was spending time in the garden picking up and moving rocks that were put in as an original rock garden, when a particular rock caught my eye. I took it in and ran it under warm water to clean it. After it dried I gave it a closer look and I started to see what appeared to be a fossilized man made image of some sort, at least that’s what I see. It appears that it could have been some sort of weapon or tool that could have been used for many purposes. As for the image, I see a person holding a weapon, possibly an arrow. The left hand image is a bit more challenging to make out. Perhaps a bird or an animal. As I put it in my palm I noticed it fit perfectly and would’ve made a very useful tool for the Indians back in the day. The original owner of this tool decided to personalize his. I could be totally off base but my thought is he painted in his work with blood. My guess is he may have been right handed and to me the images have a redish tint to them. Just a hunch as its very fossilized, but those images stand out clearly, especially in person. It reminds me of an ancient piece of art. With a magnifying glass you can literally see what appears to be a blood tinged finger print as well as small droplets of a red shiny substance that doesnt wash off. Am I seeing things?? Do you see what I see?? There are many doubters and I may be one too, but something tells me there is more to this rock than meets the eye. Thank god for dna testing.I need Bill Nye the science guy...

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