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    Your 'Aha' weight-loss moments

    I lost 200 lbs and feel great!

    I have always struggled with my weight since I was a young boy. It wasn’t till I moved in with my father in the summer before 7th grade when I lost my. I went from a shy 185 boy to a more out-spoke 135 year old teenager. The next 5 years would be great. I got the taste of living like a “normal” kid. It wasn’t till I turned 18 that I started adding the weight back on. By 20 I had ballooned up to 300 lbs. At first I blamed my new problem of sleep apnea of the cause. That excuse only last for so long as I was told when treatment started the weight should just fall off. That never happened. And by age 36 I was now 420 lbs.
    Sure I acted happy. I also never let my weight stop me from being active and playing with my kids. But I was always fearful I wouldn’t fit in that chair or that chair is going to break if I sit in it. And just like all the other “overweight” people I too acted the part as I would laugh and make fun of my size. Deep down wishing I could just lose the weight.
    Through the years I tried to diet. Each time failing and never seeing the weight fall off. It wasn’t until my wife started weight watchers at work that my life would go into a new direction. I thought this doesn’t seem that bad. I looked up the information and for a guy my size (6’3 420lbs) I could eat a ton of points and lose the weight. But this is where it clicked for me. If I am going to do this, I need to do this quickly so that I can get this weight off of me. I looked at the points. And thought if I could just eat like a normal person the weight is going to fall off, and fall off fast.
    I designed my own Plan. I would eat fiber one 80 calorie cereal with a cut up banana for breakfast. I would eat a salad with only tomatoes, cucumber and 2 tablespoon of light dressing. I would then add 2 apples and an orange for lunch. For dinner I would eat around 7 to 8 ounces of pork, chicken, or steak with vegetables and then a side of rice. This would be around 20 to 22 points in weight watchers points plus. Sure it was hard. But I saw results in the first week. My goal was 5 lbs a week and 20 lbs a month. I can tell you that once I lost 33 lbs people started to notice. And it felt great.
    At first I would have those cheat days. But I found out that when I cheated this put me a week behind my weight loss. For every day I cheated I would have to make that week up. So at the start I realized that if I would limit the amount I cheated the faster the weight would be gone.
    I have not finished losing weight but at this point I weigh 220 lbs and feel great. I love buying clothes now. My wife even made a comment at one point saying she didn’t think I would ever fit into a large. Here I am today wearing a size large.
    It took me 12 months to lose the 200 lbs. I have been managing the weight lately instead of losing it but my goals have not changed. I continue to eat healthier knowing that I can now eat like most people and not feel guilty. I know that if I slip now I can just go back to eating the right way and drop the extra weight.
    I should add this to my story as there is one big reason I was able to lose this weight this time. The reason was my WIFE. She was the person that would go to the store 2 to 3 times a week to make sure I had everything I needed to eat healthy. You don’t realize how hard it is to keep healthy food in the house. How easy it is to slip if that food isn’t there. How easy it is to think I could just stop at some random fast food place and eat. Without my wife’s support my weight loss success story would not have happened. I should also point out that with the help of weight watchers my wife was able to lose 70lbs in the same time frame.
    We both feel so much better now and we look great.
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