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    New violence in Israel and West Bank

    Why Muslims are labeled as terrorists?

    Islam is a religion of peace and prosperity. It is the religion of human value and dignity & not terrorism like what the world portrays. Islam means to live in peace according to the will of God (Allah)...The last prophet of Allah gave the lesson of humanity. The holy book of Muslims (Quran) along with Sunnah motivates Muslims to value the life and property of mankind. The term “terrorism “can not be found within the Quran or the teaching of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). “Muslim” is a name of character is totally built up according to the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and this character has a power that the people who hate him can be his followers. Islam is a religion of, unity and most importantly peace with one's self and others, to defend not to fight. If Islam is a religion of peace, humanity, unity and dignity then why its followers are labeled as terrorists? There can be certain reasons behind this.

    "Islam" and other several Islamic terms along with principles are generally misinterpreted in the western world. These days Muslims are labeled as a terrorist. Muslims can not blame some one if any one is calling them terrorists. It’s the fault of Muslims. They are not following the teachings of Islam properly and truly. They have not succeeded to promote the perception of Islam within the western world through “Tableegh”. The Muslims have lost the ability to teach other about the teachings of Islam. The main reason behind this is that Muslims themselves are not following the teachings of Islam properly and truly. Today’s Muslim is not that Muslim about whom Islam has said. A true Muslim can not be terrorist but the Muslim who is not following Islamic teachings can be a terrorist because he doesn’t has faith ( Imaan). If a namely Muslim doesn’t have “Iman” then he can do any thing.

    Our educational system can be responsible for this label that Muslims are terrorists. In Islam human beings have got a great value and the teaching of Islam is also valuable. But here the main point is that the concept of Islam is given to us but in our educational institutes the teachings of Islam are not given to young generation. Concept is given in the textbooks but the detail of this concept is not given. Here we can find out the examples from many text books. In many social studies books the image of an Arab horseman is given carrying a sword in on hand and Quran in other hand. It is not the correct portrayal of Islamic history. This image gives the lesson that Islam is a religion of sword of intolerance. It is a misconception which is spread by the Muslims themselves. Islam does not teach bombing, terrorism kidnapping, murder and hijacking. Jihad is existed in Islam but it is not terrorism. Today’s Muslims do not know the true meaning of Jihad and it is not mentioned in books especially in text books of our institutions. The awareness is not given to Muslims. If the Muslims do not know about Islam how ca they defend if someone calls them “terrorists”

    Today’s Muslims are labeled as terrorist because the Muslims scholars are not preaching Islam in right way (the way which has taught by the Prophet Muhammad PBUH). There is a big responsibility of Muslim scholars to remove this label. The Muslims scholars are not fulfilling their responsibility to teach the Muslims and to preach non-Muslims who have misconceptions about the great religion “Islam”. It is a big misconception that Muslims are terrorists. The Prophet Muhammad said, “Do not kill women or children or non-combatants and do not kill old people or religious people." Suicide is haram in Islam. It's prohibited, like a mortal sin. And murder is haram. And to kill civilians is murder. The Muslim scholars should preach about this side of Islam in such way which way is taught by Holy Prophet (PBUH). It’s the duty of Muslims scholars that they should remove this label that Muslims are terrorists.

    At last but not least we can say that Muslims themselves are the responsible for the label of “terrorists”. We can not blame others that why someone is calling us terrorists because there are many faults in our own selves.
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