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    10 Very Useful Blogs and Tools for Students In Need


    There are quite a few blogs out there, but you have no way of knowing which are going to waste your time and which are going to change your life. This article cannot tell you which is which, but it does show you some of the more popular student blogs that may come in very handy if you happen to be a student yourself. Here are some you should try before you dismiss, and you should try them before the blog masters come to their senses and take down this valuable information or start charging for it.


    1 - Essay Mama Blog


    This is a blog that is jam packed with helpful advice that is going to make a student's life easier. It gives advice on studying, advanced learning, essay writing and much more. It is a highly rated blog with a lot of visitors. It is highly thought of in student communities and is becoming more and more popular as the blog posts become more and more robust. There is also plenty in the archives for you to look at.


    2. Ditch That Textbook


    This is a website that has two blog sections, and in those blog sections you will find information that will help you improve your grades and performance. You do it by seeing what the teachers are seeing. Take a look at it all from their perspective and you will see how you may exploit what you find for your own gain.


    3. Worthington Libraries


    This is a research resource that you can use to help you complete your homework or your essays. There is good material in this resource so that you may find things to reference. It looks as if it is aimed at the business sector, but was actually built for students and is part of the Ohio institution from their public library.


    4. The Thesis Whisperer


    This is a blog that will help you improve your essay writing skills. It has been written for students and for professional writers too, though a student is more likely to get more from the website. It helps you with your study skills too, such as having posts that explain how to write a high quality book review.


    5. A Research Guide


    This is a blog that will help you get to the bottom of creating a good research project and gets into the technical side of essay writing. It is a very comprehensive tool that may help you quite a bit if you are struggling with your essays.


    6. RefDesk.com


    This is a tool with which you may check your facts. It is a fact checking website and is ideal for students that are writing essays and doing research projects. You can also try Study Hacks (http://calnewport.com/blog/) this is not the first blog to be called Study Hacks so beware, but either way, most of the blogs called Study Hacks are worth a look as they all do the same thing. They give you things such as the habits of a writer, or tips on writing, or tips on time management. It is basically a resource for people that want tips to get them through college.


    7. Bartleby


    There is a lot of religious stuff on this website, but if you dig deep into the website you will find a lot of classic text, reference material and fiction. There are certain subjects in college or University that are going to require you read though this sort of content and here it is for you to read for free.


    8. Write to done


    It is a dumb name, but is very handy when it comes to blogs with helpful information. It has lots of threads you can follow a many drop down menus to take you to places that will help you learn. There are posts on how to improve your writing, how to write copy and such. Dig deep into the website and you will find things that will interest you.


    9. Encyclopedia.com


    Is it any more reliable than Wikipedia? One likes to think it is because they pull the data from the Columbia University press and Oxford University Press. Some of the things they quote are worthy of citing yourself, and if you follow their references then you can add them to your work too (done properly of course).


    10. American Association of School Librarians


    This has a lot of information that you can sneak into your essay so that you have more references and therefore a larger chance of scoring highly. Your professor is not going to check every resource you quote, so you don’t even need to understand every part of what you reference.

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