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    Posted July 14, 2014 by
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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    Your 'Aha' weight-loss moments

    My journey of losing 150 pounds


    My name is Alexa Rae. My weightloss story starts on January 2nd, 2011. My sister took me to my yearly check up and I knew that this appointment was going to be life changing. I weighed in at 350 Pounds. I started to question "how did I get this lost?" "how did I become this person?" "what happened?" Throughout highschool is when I gained the majority of my weight. In 2009, my grandfather's health depleated drastically in a short amount of time. In addition to losing my grandfather, there was an abudance of family fighting that occured. Within one month I lost an entire family, My grandfather to his rare blood disorder, in combination to heart disease, and diabetes. I then lost my grandmother, aunts, and cousins to family battle over nothing.

    My senior year was a blur. I was sad, confused, trying to figure out what to major in, applying to colleges. I was numb. People ask me "Do you remember what it felt like to be that heavy?" I was respond, no, I was so numb and ignorant to my body and my health, I do not remember what it feels like. Moreover, in 2011 I saw my doctor type into my records "morbidly obese".

    Seeing those words a) scared me b) made me so upset c) fueled my determination to be healthy.

    I started slowly, working out 4-5 days a week, eating right. It was also very hard to go out, party, drink, enjoy your college years while you are trying to lose an signifact amount of weight. However, in the spring of 2013 - my outlook on health change even more. I started to really push myself working out, and to not take cheat days, really fuel my body with foods that would nourish it. My outlook changed from "Losing weight" to "What can I feed my body to keep it healthy and alive". I started to feel all new sensations throughout my body. At first this felt so foreign to me, because I spent the last 3 - 4 years not really feelings my body, my heart racing as I worked out, I didn't feel energized. Now, I feel my heart beating, my mucles stretching, my body feels as if its rejoicing. I am now weighing in at 199 Pounds. I am not done my journey. I am only just starting my journey.  My "aha" weightloss moment was when I said to myself - I only have one life to live, with ONE body.  Why spend my life RUINING the body I was given?  Why feed that body food that was harming it?  Just remember, always stay strong!

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