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    Zer Nirit´s I HERE PROJECT - when virtual art gets a business award.


    I write about Digital Art. Most times about art that comes out of a simulator, like fractal art -- or about coded art created by machines on cybernetic esthetics. My simulator, named Simulacron-1, plays with time and speed – it is a time machine for art. You may join the ride to the future of art where machines are using self-generation and self-reflection processes to create what the audience is seeking for in the story of The Artefact. The change of art recognition in time is one of my favorite ways of an approach.

    So it comes to Zer Nirit, presented at the 2nd Santorini Biennale. She placed her “I HERE PROJECT”, programmed in HTML 5, into a darkroom – to be explored first time in an interactive way on more than one screen.


    Zer Nirit was born and raised in Jerusalem. At 22 she left for New York City, where she earned a BFA degree from The School of Visual Arts and her digital directing diploma from The New York Film Academy. In 1995 she started “I HERE PROJECT”, a self-portrait, which she updates until today.


    At ARTE LAGUNA [Venice, Italy] she got the 1st prize in Virtual Art 2013 and the 1st prize in “business for art”- both donated with 7.000 Euro. I will not copy what is all over written in the media. You shall find your personal way to explore her work – I call it a timeline in a drift – where she presents her life. Just open her project site. It is not a 3D experience that comes out of an immersive 3D environment you have to explore. It is more a way where you need to go back in time – to 2D. Something happens in life and it has a time stamp. But as so many things happen and get different importance over time we arrange things, we give them depth. 3D is a projection of 2D? 3D an illusion? A simulation? 3D happens in us, the brain does the trick. A trick we all do looking on charts, on slides -- in visualizing business facts. There are web tools for this, like Tiki-Toki to create beautiful interactive timelines on the internet in 2D and 3D. Zer Nirit´s I HERE PROJECT it is not like the Tower of London spanning over centuries, ready-made in Tiki-Toki for entries until 2083 -- it is her life with stamps on a time line. Each stamp an artwork.


    ARTE LAGUNA writes in the laudation: “Nirit Zer's work shows an interesting research on the concept of identity, a research that becomes even more interesting if applied to the virtual dimension, where this concept undergoes a necessary reinterpretation and redefinition.

    Don’t miss to click to get the 2nd picture on this iReport. Don’t miss to open her project site to find the artwork presented next to the darkroom at Santorini Biennale main venue.

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