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    Living with a chronic illness

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    Living without a thyroid

    Like a lot of people in the world, I am one of many living without a thyroid. I don't think I realized what it did, until it was gone.
    I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2001. I've depended on Doctor's and medications to help me live a normal life. Except I wasn't really living, I was just surviving.
    The list of symptoms I had was a mile long, but the doctor would tell me my hormone levels were always within normal range.. I was told I had to live with fatigue, weight gain, swelling in my hands, IBS, hair loss, irritability, brain fog, memory loss, and more. I never knew what each day would bring and everyday I'd wake up feeling trapped in a body that wasn't mine.
    I'm a wife and mom, that was used to being energetic and happy. Both my energy and happiness were suddenly nonexistent.
    I struggled for years, keeping these symptoms mostly hidden.. I fought with the depression and everyday I'd put a smile on my face and pray I'd make it until I could go to sleep again.
    These symptoms are invisible, but they are real. Millions of people are struggling with diagnosed and undiagnosed thyroid symptoms and disorders. But may never get the relief they are seeking.
    I tried just about every dose of synthetic thyroid hormone I could get my hands on, then begged my doctor to let me try desiccated thyroid hormone..nothing worked and it always seemed like one medication led to another. My blood pressure was becoming affected, I had heart palpitations, and anxiety.. but all I kept hearing was everything was "normal".
    I spent 12 long years years on this roller coaster, everyday hoping I would just feel better.
    Four months ago I was introduced to a company called Genesis pure, they are an all organic nutrition company. It wasn't until I started on their core products and followed their cleanse, balance, build system that I realized medication may never have been the answer.
    After trying these products for a few weeks, I was surprised at how I was feeling. I was waking up rested and my body no longer hurt. I slowly regained my energy and stamina, I was actually starting to see the scale move..and I felt happy.
    I couldn't get enough information to read on Genesis Pure, I was amazed at all the testimonies from others out there that this has helped. I started researching the ingredients in what I was taking and I was intrigued by what I read.
    Most Doctors will prescribe T4, your body converts the T4 into T3 which is what your body uses for energy. If you are like me, your body may not adequately convert this. Therefor a T4 medication doesn't always manage a persons symptoms. Some Doctors might try adding a T3 medication, unfortunately this STILL didn't work for me. So I started to dig.
    There are certain minerals required to activate enzymes and specific minerals can play an important role in the conversion of T4 to T3. Selenium plays a crucial role in the conversion process. If you're deficient in Selenium that could cause the problem. Zinc is another mineral that plays a role in the conversion process, many people are deficient in Zinc.
    Gastrointestinal problems and cause problems with absorption of the minerals, even if you're not deficient in Selenium or Zinc if you have problems with digestion this can affect the ability to convert T4 to T3. T3 does not become active until activated by an enzyme called intestinal sulfatase , so having a earthy GI tract is important.
    Your liver also plays a role with the conversion, about 20% of the T4 to T3 conversion takes place in the liver. If someone's liver has a reduced ability to detoxify due to other factors, such as all the toxins we are exposed to from what we eat, this could also be a problem.
    What amazed me the most, was my doctors never told me these things. There are simple ways to keep a healthy liver and Gi tract, easy ways to make sure you're getting enough important minerals and nutrients. Medications were providing me with none of these things.
    After starting the cleanse, balance, build system from genesis Pure. My body started to wake up.
    Genesis Pure has helped me tremendously. I feel like I've been given a second chance at life, and things just keep getting better!!
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