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    Posted July 15, 2014 by

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    The Curious Case of Essam al Fetori: Chapter 2 - David Kirkpatrick Source


    Essam al Fetori took every single photograph of the September 11, 2012 Benghazi Attacks.

    Essam Al Fetori took the only photographs of the attack in Benghazi.

    There are many disturbing traits concerning Essam al Fetori, most of which would be oddball at worst, if only they were not concertedly ignored in the Media.

    Every single Story about how horrible Benghazi has become, every single article milking the Benghazi attack for all it is worth. All use the infamous photos of Essam Al Fetori.

    Yet no committee to this date has even so much as mentioned his name, the name that is on every single photograph of what America now knows as "Benghazi".

    My own elected officials in South Carolina, Ted Gowdy and Lindsey Graham have not so much as asked about Essam al Fetori. Nor has the FBI.
    Neither he nor any of his subjects from the most famously searing photographs of the Benghazi Attack, the only photos, none were so much as mentioned on the FBI Benghazi website.

    Dozens and Dozens of grainy photos of very Non-Libyan looking Looters, most in Pakistani garb, all received ample space on the FBI page, yet not a mention of Essam al Fetori or any of his subjects.

    None of his crystal clear shots are provided on the FBI webpage, yet they are found on every single webpage with so much as a link to a "Benghazi" tidbit.

    Essam Al Fetori is the sole, the only, source of all New York Times articles immediately after attack from those authored by David Kirkpatrick to Hadeel al Shalchi.

    David Kirkpatrick has admitted to having a "reporter" on the scene of the attack during the attack, speaking with the attackers.

    This Source has been hidden from the Public, from America. Yet there is absolutely no way he can be avoided in any discussion or montage of the Benghazi.

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