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    Posted July 15, 2014 by
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    New violence in Israel and West Bank

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    Gaza under Attack: Stop the Massacre of Innocent Civilians

    Following the brutal military assaults by Israel, many innocent Palestinian civilians, including children and babies have been killed and injured. Homes have been destroyed and yet again the bloodshed continues without urgent intervention to put an immediate stop to it.

    As the death toll continues to rise it is imperative that pressure is put on government officials and those in power to speak up, condemn and put an end to the war crimes.

    This is not an attack on Hamas this is an attack on the people of Palestine because they are the ones that have to undergo the bloodshed. It is the innocent families that have been dragged into this war and face intense injuries, loss of loved ones and their livelihoods. Why should innocent babies and children have to pay the price? The fact is they should have never been attacked in the first place.

    As a Muslim in the media and even on humanitarian grounds the attacks imposed by Israel are unjustifiable. I strongly urge action to be taken against the massacring of the innocent. It is heart-wrenching to see the plight of parents having to bury their babies, of children being left orphaned and destitute, of brutality at its worst.

    The harm inflicted upon the innocent civilians has to be acknowledged not only by the government in the UK, USA and other countries but also from the mainstream media. We have to seek answers for why this allowed to continue. If the same circumstances were occurring in the UK and innocent civilians in mass were being attacked would you justify it and stay silent? I welcome a response from government officials to this question.

    I have reiterated this statement countless times and I will mention it again today. There are many obstacles that we need to overcome in order to expose the intolerances of governments and the many accounts of murders, genocide, humanity and war crimes that seize to remain in the world today.

    Many powerful states continually manipulate the law and conceal their allies’ crimes from international criticisms for their own political advantage which makes it increasingly difficult for people to be brought to justice for their crimes.

    Ensuring accountability is important because those who have suffered harm have a right to justice. The innocent civilians who have been killed and tortured in Gaza have a right to justice, have a right to be free from fear of attacks, have a right to live peacefully.

    Accountability also allows us to move forward and provides a measure of deterrence for those who commit crimes, and it provides a basis on which to build reforms of state and international institutions.

    I ask this question to Mr. Netanyahu, when will innocent civilians stop having to pay the price for a brutal war that violates the basic human right to live peacefully?

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