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    Posted July 15, 2014 by
    happened in Houston TX., Texas
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    Israel-Gaza conflict

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    A recent Honduran deportation who was legal to visit the United States


    I am a "flight paramedic" from the island of Roatan , coast of Honduras, my mame is Edil , i am 22 years of age , I am a guy with 27 different certifications , as a Rescue Diver , fire fighter , and paramedic !! I was traveling to the US, on June 26th with a valid passport , valid US VISA type B1B2.

    I  arrived Houston Bush intercontinental Airport , I headed to the immigration desk , the officer say to me.


    Welcome to the United States of America , I answer saying "thank you officer" then he ask me the question , what is the purpose of you visit to the Us? I answer him saying only to visit my friends at New York City , the next question was  �when was you last visit to the Us , I said September 21of 2013 , he asked me so when you fly back to Honduras ? I answer , on February 22 of 2014.


    Then he ask me  for how long I was planing to stay this time ? I ask him 3 weeks, because my flight ticket is to return on July 17 of 2014 .

    After this he ask me another question , why you stayed 5 months in the Us? I tell him that I stayed all that time because I was visiting multiple places like , Connecticut, New Jersey and New York, and on that time it was my first trip to the USA  , so he say with who or where you was living while you was here , I answer him with respect always , I stayed at friends house, and I was enjoying to meet the snow for first time in my life.


    Then he checked my passport and my valid 10 years visa , and he say OK"


    Edil  follow me please , when he ask me to follow him I was thinking,  what is happening ? Why he's taking me to another place?


    But then he was caring me to the Us CBP  main office inside of the airport , he toll me ,take a sit , I say "OK"  I sit down on a chair on the waiting area, and  I was there for 2 hours .


    Then there was an another CBP officer calling  my name as "Mendez"

    Which is  my last name.


    I answer saying , here I am , I remember this officer,

    This officer was my worse! Experience in my life!! She was treating me as a criminal and like a dog.


    since this officer lady start attending me, the interrogation was nothing with sense because I believe that the way she interrogated me was not the way how it should be.


    she started with some questions that I will write here with my answer.


    What is the purpose of you visit to the United States .


    Me: only to visit friends .


    How long you are planing to stay .


    Me: 3 weeks!


    How long you stayed on the previous visit .


    Me: 5 months .


    Then she toll me , why are you laying

    I said , I not laying .


    so she  ask me , How you was supporting you self on this 5 months .


    I tell her that I bring my own money , to support my self while I was going to stay in the United States.


    then she tell me , what you was doing all this time here.


    I answer with respect , I was visiting different places , and having a good time.


    then she said to me , did you work while you was here .

    I said "NO " because my visa is only for travel as a tourist or for business.


    then she tell me on a mad way .

    Don't lie .

    there is only 2 (two) ways how you can support you self for all this time in the United States which is selling drugs or working .


    I tell her I bring my own money and I can't work here because my visa have limitations.


    and again she said , don't lie ,say the true.


    I tell her , I am saying the true.


    then she started to treating me and warning me that because she is a CBP officer she can accuse me as a criminal and that I was going to be in jail for a long time in the United States.


    I was scare because she was saying that she can do what she wants because she have the power to do it.


    I tell her I am legal and you can see that I am not a criminal , I am a paramedic in my country.


    the she asked me to pass her my phone , and my phone was turned off because the battery was out of charge , and then she ask me that if I have the charger with me .


    I tell her yes I have it, and she said give it to me !!! I passed her the phone charger , and she put it to charge , then she look a me and say get out of my interrogation room and when you came back in say the true.


    I walk out again to the waiting room and sit down on the chair and I stay there for around 15 minutes ,then she called me again and I get back in to the interrogation room  and this time the interrogating room was more cold because I am sure that she put it like that .


    I tell her that it was too cold , and if can she please put the temperature more UP  because is too LOW and I am cold, she don't put mind to my petition and then she saw that I was shaking , and even like that she didn't do nothing for it.


    My question is , is this is the way how that an CBP officer have to treat a person who is going to visit  the US .?


    then this officer started to see all my privacy on my own cellphone , looking at all my pictures , contacts and TeX messages without , a authorization letter from a judge ,saying that she's authorized to do that .

    and that was not all , she started to ask me that why I have too many lawyers phone numbers on my cellphone.? 

    I was surprised about what she was doing ,.


    I answer her , I have all those lawyers phone number because i am they friend and I meet all of them because when there is a legal process after a patient die on the ambulance I have to give my declaration in the court room , and there is where I meet them.


    this happened around 7:40 pm , I was answering all the questions and then she , tell me that I have to answer what she wants to hear , and I said to my mind . why I have to say what she wants hear when I am saying the true!!

    and what I did to be interrogated like a criminal , what is happening to this officer.


    at 10:25 pm she tell me that she was going to deported me , and I ask her why ? she said because you are laying to me !!! I said I am not laying I have proves that and  I can show that I am not laying to you.

    then she said I have information that says that you was working on the previous visit that you did to here .

    and I will deport you !!! I ask her that what she's talking about , because I know that I can't work with a tourist visa !!! and then she said as a CBP officer I can deport you ..

    also she ask me another question saying that , How much money they was paying you? my answer was that I was not getting paid from no one while I was there , and also that I make enough money in my country to have a vacation for the time that I want because I have my own money and also I have a businesses in my country , that is about to " Medevac " on plane or Helicopters .


    I am not a criminal and on the island where I came from is a safe place to live and also for make good business .


    the she said stop laying because I have the authority to send you back and also to cancel you visa , so tell me what I want to hear , I said again I am not laying officer , after all this I was tired ,thirsty and hungry because I was haven't eat and drink nothing since I get to Houston it was late and listening this officer talking to me on the mad way ,honestly this was making me feel angry.. I tell her that I was hungry and thirsty , she only said , OK .

    I was like , what really she will not do nothing and she was eating on the interrogation room and asking me all this questions ,,.. if this is the way how the US CBP officer are treating the people of my country who is going legal .

    imaging how they treat the people who's crossing the border illegally.

    and then I tell her that If is possible that I can make a phone call to let my friends in New York that I missed my connection flight because I was in the immigration office  , because my destination it was going to be NYC .


    I remember that she said , "NO" you will have access for a phone call until I finish this process with you . I tell her please let me do the phone call because my friend are going to pick me up at the airport and I don't want them to for nothing .

    she said get out of my interrogation room . and I get out .


    I when back to take a sit and then she call me again on the next 10 minutes to start with the same mode , I was really angry with this Woman . she was treating me really bad and at the same time she was ?violating my rights"   ?and maltreating me in the Verbal way "  also I can add to this that she brooked the rules of her job.

    I am investigating this really deep and all the things she did was not right.


    finally around 11:46 pm she let me to make my phone call from the office phone, I talked with my friends and I tell them what it was going on .


    after the phone call she asked me to lift my right hand and swear that I was saying the true on all of the questions that she asked me, and I did it  because I was saying the true on everyone of those questions .


    I tod  that all of it was going to end finally , and guess what.? she tell me Edil as a CBP officer I am an authority of the United States and I will cancel you visa and prohibited you that you can't came back to the United States on the next 5 (five) years from now.


    I was in shock!!

    I was mad and depressed after all this.


    but I know that this officer did this to me because she abused of the authority, because after all this she printed out like 8 different pages saying laws and reason and accuses like saying that I was working and that I and she don't have proves and I am sure that she did this because she was just abusing of the authority and  also she obligated  me to put my name initials on those documents, because she also tell me again that if I don't do what she wants she was going to accuse me as a criminal and that I was going to spend a long time in jail , so If you don't write down you initial here you know what's going to happen to you , you are warned .


    I thing that I was on the right to call lawyer and also to call the Honduran embassy in the United States at least, but I didn't get this rights , after she make me put my initials on this pages she don't even let me read what I was   signing  at the time since I was putting my name initials , she rune out of her interrogation room and then her shift was ending for the night and she passed the documents and my passport to another officer who later tell that soon some TSA officer was going to take me to another  place for the rest of the night , and also he offered me food and as soonest he finish saying that I say yes yes officer please I will appreciated if I could get something to eat.

    this officer went in to a kitchen and he bring me a noodles cup soup.


    while I was eating there was 2 more guys from Honduras 1 from Guatemala and a Dentist from Mexico we all open a  conversation and we share us problem and all this guys was on the same problem like my , then around 12:25am the TSA officer came in with chains and locks , they cuff my foots, my waist and my hands as the same way they treat the criminals , they also did this to the guy from Guatemala , then they cari us out of the airport and put us in to a van , and take us to a ?High Security Correction" that is located like 15 minutes far from the airport , then they put us close to a wall and take pictures of us with the high measure of or bodies  and then mix us with the criminal on this jail , there was only bad guys wearing the Red and Orange uniform color , they let us inside there  until 4:30 am and take us back to the airport to be ready for the deportation to or native countries, and the total of deported was 6 person 4 from Honduras ,1 from Mexico and 1 from Guatemala.


    my deportation was the last one and it was at 9:30 am on the 27 of June of 2014 .


    the officer take me inside of the commercial flight of United airline.


    I get to my country and get my luggage and I opened to change clothes after taking a shower and I found the surprise that all of my clothes was mixed with some mango jam , that I was bringing to my friends because the officer who checked my luggage let the mango jam bottle open and I am sure that they are doing this because this unprofessional officer are doing things with second intention  .


    I am really mad with this officers because they are doing what they want because they have authority and they are abusing of it.


    So this was the way I was treated in the United States of America , and I would like to make Obama or who is the responsible of immigration on the United States , because is not fare that this kind of issues can be happening to the people of Central America.


    I am sure that the United States is going to be fighting with the illegal immigration of people crossing the border until they change this unprofessional officers because is they foul why people is crossing the border after they have an opportunity to go in legally and just to be canceled and deported even if we go legal.


    what about the huge investigation that the US embassy applies to us when we applied for a visa , what about all the money that we pay for the process.


    Mr. president Obama please put eyes on this officer and please help us to get what we deserve when we go legally in to you country .


    sincerely ..



    Edil Mendez

    Flight Paramedic.

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