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    Posted July 16, 2014 by
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    New violence in Israel and West Bank

    Stop the genocide that is being committed by Israel on Gaza!!


    After being an exchange student who had studied abroad in the U.S. on a scholarship for my sophomore high school year 2013/14, I got back home ( Gaza ) a month ago. I'm still reuniting with my friends, family, and relatives again after not seeing them for a whole year and trying to rejoice and enjoy those moments but in Gaza, it has a different taste and the thank you goes to Israel who ruined my happiness by starting a war or more of a genocide against Gaza.


    On July 14, 2014, 5:35 AM, I intended to write and share the story of the Palestinian people in this massacre that Israel is committing against the innocent civilians of Gaza.


    On Monday, July 7, 2014 a genocide against Palestine,especially Gaza had started. It had started when a 17 years old teenager from Jerusalem, Muhammad Abu Khdair, was 'Burnt alive' by extremist settlers and his body was found in a forest. This story of the murdered teenager led the Palestinians to wake up against the awful crimes Israel is committing against Palestinians.


    Palestinians in the 48 lands, West Bank, and Jerusalem started protesting and throwing stones on Israeli tanks and soldiers. That is how it started in the occupied Palestine. But it started in Gaza once the 3 Israeli children got kidnapped in Hebron,and as a result of that the murdering of Muhammad Abu Khdair took place as a revenge and who to get blamed? Gaza and Hamas. So let's bomb them.


    Israel, Zionists state, started bombing civilian houses claiming to the world that they are bombing military targets and Hamas leaders. The truth that nobody knows other than the people of Gaza is that more than 250 of their bombed targets are innocent civilian people houses that have nothing to do with Hamas, most of the killed people (Martyrs) are children under 10 years old and the others are women and elderly.


    The bombing rate on the Gaza Strip is one missile every 3 minutes, most of the bombed places are civilian houses, schools, mosques including handicapped associations. The death toll reached 200 martyrs after 9 days into the war and it is still rising significantly, along with 1500 wounded or injured people. The hospitals are running out of medical supplies in due to the large number of injured people, some people became homeless after their houses got bombed, others can't find food to eat in this holy month Ramadan( Muslim's fasting month).


    For how long do we, Palestinians, have to cope with this occupation and terrorist attacks?! Why resisting and defending your own country against an occupation is called terrorism ?!! where is humanity? Does it still exist? Where are the children rights?why doesn't the media care about dead Palestinians? Ohh I forgot ! because our enemy is Israel, it controls the global media.


    We Palestinians, wake up everyday on sounds of bombs, explosions, navy attacks, and tank attacks sound ! That's if we woke up! We are the only ones when we wake up and look at the martyrs name's list , we find names of people we love died in pain and if they didn't die, they will live the rest of their life suffering a disability with a cut leg or arm ! If not then they became homeless! And who is caring ?! Nobody !!!!! Why ?! Because we are Palestinians and our enemy is Israel.


    On the 12th of June after Al-Ishaa' ( and taraweh) prayer, a whole family of 18 members, Al-Batsh family, got bombed with 2 Israeli F-16 bomber missiles. 18 at once from the same family died!!! Why !? Because Israel believes that bombs are being thrown from this house and its people. This is a genocide, Israel has to be punished and brought into cases of war crimes to the international courts. Israel has violated over 60 UN peace agreements, and they continue breaking not just international laws by using banned weapons but also Israeli law by kidnapping and placing Palestinian children into prisons and yet they haven't gotten into any trouble for that.


    We, Palestinians got tired of the world standing silent and looking at us and supporting the terrorism of Israel!! Believing the lies that our enemy's media publishes .
    People, especially Arabs, wake up!! Your brothers in Gaza are getting murdered! You don't have to be a Muslim,Palestinian, or even an Arab to feel our pain, you only have to be a human! Please do something, don't just stand back and watch us getting murdered. Show us that humanity still exists !! Even if you didn't and stood up watching as you always do !! It's okay cause Allah is up there for us, hearing from us, protecting us and promising us that justice will find its way for us and that Palestine tomorrow will be free!!!


    By : Sami Zimmo

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