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    Posted July 16, 2014 by
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    New violence in Israel and West Bank

    Palestinians Also Deserve To Live!


    We Palestinians wake up every morning to teach the whole world life sir. Those words describe what is happening now in Palestine, Palestinians are suffering every day, every minute, & every second of their lives but still surviving, knowing that all this is for the sake of their country! I'm a Palestinian! A proud Palestinian, full of pride! My country is being bombed every second and no one is saying something about it! Innocent kids and women are being killed every second for no reason. Why does a 12 year old has to be afraid to go play in his garden because he knows that in any second he might get killed? Why does a 40 years old woman has to be afraid to leave her kids even for a second because she's afraid she might lose her kids any moment? All those are questions that no one ever answered and no one will ever answer, and you know why? Simply because they're Palestinians! You can never imagine how hard this is for us Palestinians, to live every moment afraid of dying any second, to live and stay with our families as if their is no tomorrow, as if we're never seeing them again.
    I do not want to start talking about Arab leaders, because believe me if I started I am never ending, I just want to tell them one thing which is, that the Royal Chair you're happy with now will not last forever, You'll never remain presidents and kings forever, you're losing the royal chairs soon, so try to do something now for Palestine so when you lose your chair and become a normal citizen everyone will remember you as a guy with dignity, a guy who never sold the Palestinian case!
    I'm really sad that none of the Arabs has even talked about it, but this is how it's working now adays, they're forgetting about their Arab brothers just for money and Royal Chairs. As a conclusion about talking about Arab leaders, I want to tell them one word; You're cheap!
    People around the world say it's a war between Palestine and Israel, but I would like to make this point clear, it's a massacre not a war, a genocide!
    Gaza is receiving more than 200 bombs a day and this has been on for 8 days so in total more than 2000 bombs.
    This has created fear in every Palestinian's heart, not only the ones in Gaza, but Palestinians around the whole world, we're not afraid of dying, but we're afraid that one day I'll wake up looking for my family and not finding them, finding them gone due to and Israeli bomb that killed them!
    A Palestinian is afraid one day his dad is goes out to bring the family some food and never comes back again, that's what a Palestinian is afraid of.
    Words will never describe how hard the situation is, words will never describe how a family suddenly loses their 8 years old kid while he was playing in the garden, words will never describe how people in Gaza live like their is no tomorrow for them, they stay with their families 24/7 hug them, kiss them, stay stuck with them because they're afraid to lose them any moment!
    Out of all this situation, I was never and will never be as sad as I am now for Palestinian kids, a 5 years old girl get's killed because she was accused of hugging her mom in the middle of the night, a 3 years old boy gets killed because he is a terrorist!
    That's Israel's policy, I always expected Israel to kill and destroy and bomb, but never in this way, they are acting with brutality and savagery!
    Someone should stop what's happening, whenever we speak up for ourselves and say this should be stopped, an Israeli says we're defending ourselves, how are you defending your self when you kill hundreds of people and 75% are kids and woman, how do you call this defending ? This is brutality!
    People around the whole world know that what Israel is doing is not 'defending their country', it's acting in an insane way towards Palestinians, mainly kids and woman, but unfortunately a big part is denying it.
    I'm sure that a lot of you are wondering, how did this all start? Why did Israel start doing this? And I have the answer, it all started when Gazans and mainly 'Hamas' were accused of kidnapping 3 Israeli soldiers with no 1% evidence.
    A lot of people say that those soldiers were killed in a car accident and their bodies were found thrown in a place, then were found by Israelis and they started accusing Hamas and Gazans of doing it, and a lot say that Hamas actually did it, no one knows the truth but still their was and their is not even 1% evidence that Hamas or Gazans did it.
    With still no evidence that Hamas and Gazans did it, let us say and agree that Hamas actually did it, everyone said that they were kidnapped in Area C which is fully controlled by Israel and not even a single Palestinian is allowed their, so how did they kidnap them? To be honest, in personal terms, this is all non-sense and even if we try to agree and say that Gazans or Hamas did kidnap them, how did they kidnap them in a place where not a single Palestinian is allowed to go in?
    What happened next was that Israel also wanted to defend itself, to defend those 3 soldiers even after they died, to get revenge.
    How did Israel get revenge? They burnt a 15 years old boy, they tortured him and burned him a live! How humane this is, what a peaceful and calm way to get revenge, burning a boy a live!! SHAME ON YOU ISRAEL!
    That is how it all started, it all started when this guy got burned a live, someone had to stop Israel and bring perpetrators to justice, and when no one did so Gazans had to do so, because the Palestinian blood is too valuable for us and we can not just leave this guy's case pass easily from Israel this time, they had to be stopped!
    I would like to say that we Palestinians deserve to live, we deserve to live the life every person is living.
    Our kids deserve to live in peace, where they wont be worried about losing any of their family member at any moment, or even be afraid to play in the garden whenever they want.
    I hope that one day we will get our freedom, and we will live the life we want to live with no obstacles at all.
    On personal terms, I don't have any problems with 'Jews' because our Islam said that we should believe in all three religions and Jewish is one of them, but I have a big and huge problem with Zionists, those whom talk under the word ''peace'' while they dont even know what it means.
    At the end, I would like to thank each and every person around the world that stood up for Palestine, and protested for a free Palestine, thank you all, we love you and appreciate it a lot.
    #Free #Palestine #Free #Palestine
    By: Adam Kharma

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