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    Are They Using Children to distract us From the Real Invasion – Drug Cartels?


    Now that our knee jerk reaction has abated about the “humanitarian crisis” at the border, we are left wondering what will this all mean for our nation in the long run?


    Our focus so far has been about the safety of these children, about the political implications, about the cost and about immigration policy. While those are definitely important issues, my attention is slowly turning to who is behind moving all of these children to our border.


    According to a CNN article by Ted Galen Carpenter, the drug cartels are very influential in Central American countries. He asserts that these cartels are behind the influx of these unaccompanied minors for two reasons, they have created an incentive for people to leave by making these countries dangerous for those that are not affiliated with the gang and  profits.


    The article also mentions that the drug cartels are benefiting significantly from this crisis, they are filling their coffers by trafficking these people across the border and they are benefiting by the distraction this has caused to our border security agents. With our agents distracted and busy caring for these children, it has become easier for these gang members to get their drugs across our borders.


    When Mexico attempted to challenge the gangs, their attempts were met with horrible violence. I suppose the influx of all of these unaccompanied minors with no apparent intervention by Mexico tells us that Mexico the country lost and the gangs have won.


    Gangs already exist here in the US; some say that our deportation of gang members back to Central America have led to the increase in gang influence there. I don’t know, but I do know that we don’t need any more gangs here. As I read through different articles about gang violence here in the US, I couldn’t help feeling like our nation may be on the road to something terrible.


    When you read about these nations that are plagued with gang violence, one word is repeated over and over, and that word is poverty. While the poor in America are not poor by third world standards, the reality of having a lot less money and influence than the rest of society makes you feel very poor and very hopeless.

    In the past the US has been known as the land of opportunity, where the poorest among us can rise to become the richest and most influential; today, not so much. As our labor participation rate continues to decline and our national debt continues to rise it seems that we are creating an environment where gang culture can thrive.


    In 2013 the labor participation rate for Americans in their 20’s hit the lowest level recorded since 1981. If the youth of America are not working, what are they doing? Who will influence their future decisions?


    Several years ago I started watching a show called “Breaking Bad”. I didn’t stay with the show for too long, but long enough to see that good people with limited resources can be enticed into the quick money culture that selling drugs can provide.


    I hope that our congress and president resolve this crisis soon so as to limit the damage that has already been done. I am with Governor Perry, send the National Guard to the border and secure it NOW.

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