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    A 2 Minute Report on ISIS


    Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) Is an organization/militia that has been growing and changing since 2003. It is a Sunni Islamic group that supports a sharia law.


    ISIS gained most of its power when the Syria Civil war began. recruiting members to rebel against the Syrian government and getting foreign aid (some from the United States.)


    ISIS has made most of its money through two ways:
    1) acquiring assets through invasion. (Syrian Oil fields, and banks from cities)
    2) Donations from countries like Saudi Arabia and Qatar (both US Allies)


    ISIS has been gaining lots of recruits because of their message of creating a fundamentally Islamic state. They also have support from the ex-Saddam Hussein regime that is now coming out to fight alongside ISIS.


    ISIS has been able to claim lots of land due to Iraq's lack of military preparedness. ISIS had roughly 1,000 militants who took over a 1,8 million populated city in Iraq, the Iraq defense largely fled and left behind weapons, ammo, and vehicles. ISIS also has been well trained through the Syria rebellion and have training camps to better prepare their militants. ISIS also is known for mass murders and mutilations of oppositions. This is used to strike fear in the enemy.


    Today ISIS has not lost ground but has still gained ground in both Iraq and Syria, July 3rd they gained yet another oil field. They sell the oil cheap to whomever will buy it. They are still have little problems with recruitment and still have a chance to lure Al-Qaeda into joining. Al -Qaeda is currently more of a rival with ISIS as when Al-Qaeda asked ISIS to split territories, ISIS refused and called them a joke.


    What is the US Doing about this now?
    We have been continuing assistance in Iraq to aid their resistance to ISIS. We have yet to send full troops into battle as of yet, but it also has not been ruled out. There is a strong chance that the united states will begin large scale military operations to force the ISIS militants out of Iraq.


    Should the US be involved?
    ISIS is a threat because it does want to promote terror attacks like 9/11 on the united states. They have an equal hate for us as Al-Qaeda. They are arguably bigger and more capable of staging attacks on the US if they maintain a region. Also they have Americans who flew to Syria to fight with ISIS and can legally return home.


    On one side, we blew enough money and American lives in Iraq, 10 years we have tried to stabilize the country, what good can come from us doing this all over again? What ever actions we take against the radical Islamist Militants and Terrorists will just be smashing a beehive and hoping we kill all the bees before we get stung.


    One the other side, if we take them out now, maybe we can squash them before they get too big and prevent them from ever attacking us.


    Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and ironically Kuwait support ISIS, I am not sure if there would be ramifications if we go in there. If we did, we would indirectly be supporting the Syria Regime which is a dictatorship that suppressed its people and killed thousands.


    What a sticky mess. Honestly, We should focus our funds on inelegance, leave the Middle East alone and protect ourselves, if we find out they there are plans against the US we use covert operations to destroy them. I think Afghanistan and Iraq has proven that we cannot control or manipulate the middle east. Doing so makes them more angry, wastes money and lives, and ultimately solves nothing.

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