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    The Truth and What the President Tells Us about Helping the Middle Class


    In the weekly address on July 12, 2014 the president said:


    “So far this year, Republicans in Congress have blocked every serious idea to strengthen the middle class.”


    Of course the majority of our non-politically engaged population just accepts this, thinks grrrr…darn Tea Party Republicans and the evil Koch Brothers and then just goes on with their day. They accept these statements without doing any research because over the course of the Obama presidency they have been conditioned to think that the president is for the middle class and the republicans serve at the altar of the rich.


    The president also made a similar statement on June 27 during a speech in Minnesota, he said: “You know, sometimes I’m forcibly, you know politic about how I say things, but I’m finding lately that I just want to say what’s on my mind. So, let me be clear I want you to think about this, so far this year the Republicans in Congress have blocked or voted down every single serious idea to strengthening the middle class.” This was repeated again on July 1st.


    But, what the president asserts is just NOT TRUE. What about the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act? Per the press release, “leaders of both parties in the House came together to get something done for the millions of Americans who continue to struggle to find work in today’s economy?


    Even President Obama was positive about this Act, saying that he looked forward to signing the bill. He said: “This bipartisan compromise will help workers, including workers with disabilities, access employment, education, job-driven training, and support services that give them the chance to advance their careers and secure the good jobs of the future.” “Today’s vote helps ensure that our workers can earn the skills employers are looking for right now and that American businesses have the talent pool it takes to compete and win in our global economy.” He said this on July 9th….yep on July 9th and then he made the statement above in his address on July 12th. Is he trying to play partisan politics, AGAIN?


    In addition the congress has also created the following acts that were meant to help the middle class: The Water Resources Reform and Development Act, The Farm Bill, Home Heating Emergency Assistance Through Transportation Act and the Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act.


    According to Boehner’s website the House has passed nearly 50 bills, including the Keystone Pipeline bill, but only a few have been signed into law…most of them stalled out in the senate.


    What is dangerous about the president making these claims is that Americans are basing their perceptions and willingness to turn more power over to the president based on false assumptions. Before anyone says it, I know it is the responsibility of the people to research the statements made by our politicians, but shouldn't we expect that the president to be more honest?


    Of course here is a taste of what honest politicians might be like, enjoy..




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