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    Posted July 17, 2014 by
    Los Angeles, California
    This iReport is part of an assignment:
    President’s immigration plan: Your views

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    I was brilliantly tricked together by CNN "i-Katie's post", my chronic tiredness and my naive wish to be useful to this country, when I did not pay attention that CNN assignment, provoking my immediate expression was already expired. What a pity - what "i-Katie", lol: - sure, being a staff she should have hold it up to date.


    Well, nevertheless getting the following citation: "If you’ve IMMIGRATED to the United States, we want to hear your story ...", see your picture and essay ..." I have reacted properly. As of today, however my point of view on immigration struggles in country continues to be stable and even more sharper after shocks of small research and analytical recollection.


    What CNN "i-Katie" did not tell me (us) that:

    1. The Guy's Pulitzer-prize was awarded to the Washington Post team work, and I assume, based on my life experience, that to get a team win, latter should have seen more attractive before board by the team demography stats; corporate America, you know. The time has showed that truth: Virginia Tech gossips DID NOTHING to stop or somehow change or even decrease shooting spree cultural habits, or somehow effectively judge NRA.

    2. The CNN film was already on screen and it's gone. At no edition up to date no any links, as e.g., YouTube, were provided.


    3. Guy was not introduced properly by the deliberate omission of item one just above; the ordinary activist of rights to illegal immigrants would not seen attractive.




    Really, why not? Jobs, Jobs, Jobs (slogan), lol:
    Well, the advertisement of the lapses within immigration policy, which somehow have been establishing excessive rights for people illegally entering country is going too far with of unacceptable rhetoric, confusing audience within the CNN Film "Documented". There are just several examples, based on the posted outrageous claims - Not vetted by CNN.


    1. "As you watch "Documented" on CNN, I ask you, my fellow Americans: What do you want to do with us? How do you define American?"


    The application for citizenship directly warns that potential seeker of any benefits CANNOT CLAIM HIMSELF OF BEING AN ALLEGED AMERICAN UNTIL HE WOULD BE AWARDED WITH SUCH A PRIVILEGE AND TITLE. It would be too nasty overall. The cited above guy somehow never heard that "Americans" are ALREADY DEFINED, and, by the way, legally. It is law. For example, I was greeted as Fellow American legally, by The United States President's written address.


    2. “ 'The only IDs I have for security: Philippine passport and my pocketbook US Constitution,' with a photo of both documents."


    As the bought pocketbook with (it does not matter how) attached personal picture doesn't look better than "Green Card" bought in 2000's from wrongdoers, guy has been continuing business to act illegally, instead of legal applying for sought benefits.


    3. Guy was deliberately illegally sent by his mom to land in this country ... to sit there quietly ... and mom was right especially about latter.


    Before turning an activist to protest with others against borders stability, for all 21 (twenty one) years of lifetime has he seen another mom-like, who took care about him, served, behaved, educated, provided earning and traveling opportunities etc.? Her name is America! It takes care about everybody! Why and for what to offend her and laugh over her judicial and law enforcement officers on duties lapses, BY TAKING NOT PERMITTED ACTIONS AND DOING WRONGS? Really, guy has claimed: "On the surface, I've created a good life. I've lived the American dream", and what? Instead of his thanks ... protest against borders security, something like that.


    Based on my earned American legal education and specialization in Administration of Justice I assume that guy was not just detained for his company show needs (a-ha, tell it to the marines), but WAS LEGALLY AND TEMPORARILY STOPPED to exclude any reasonable suspicion in heating and provoking development of mass disorder happened at the Texas border with Mexico, at the already overheated location, while government takes any reasonable actions to easy situation with the next illegal breakdown on its borders. That show at Texas was cheap by its scenario, known by popular saying: scandal is the best way to the glory.


    Well, guy is employed, can afford excessive interstate transportation without hesitation and without required valid identification, etc., so why not to protest by adding some noise, when it is greatly published; law-abidingness can wait ...


    The available for me "Full Story" feature at cnn.com does not mention how was guy applying for create his legal status overall, or just has protested to establish his illegality flag. E.g., since he was supported from the age of three and brought at the conscientious age of twelve and being later already educated by DMV encounter he could reasonably, but LEGALLY try to apply as dependent from his proud naturalized relative and responsible guardian. Why not to try this casino, same rules, by odds. At least self-respect would be made honestly.


    Country suffers badly controlled illegal immigrants invasion - any, but business, first. People, Americans suffer, officials - much less. Really, more applications - more chances to keep sitting on the same chairs for years. A lot of fearing each other people, servicing us with its best meal - high politeness and respect, toothy smiles (even that mostly without smiling abilities or greeting smile in soul are accepted). But those illegals ... they live with their lives, lives in permanent fear of its own community "coyotes" first, and as such they share fear around, being scared and scare and provide feeling of uncomfortableness toward law-abiding citizens.


    I do not fly and I do not drive, because I cannot afford that features; I continue to do all my best in the modest wish to be found for my personal abilities and skills. As for example, to be ready to suitable employment opportunities I support my healthy style of life, include riding bicycle.


    The driver with undocumented appearance in everything, include face and manners did not know that (the said just above) ... and as such he has hit me down from my bicycle, when I have changed lanes to reach my slow one. He and his alleged female friend were not polite: they were not going to pull over and were just stopped by a suddenly switched on red traffic signal. They were removed out from their well used van just expressively and only by "downtown English" delivered by gathering at the place of accident people with their demand to approach to their bleeding from injuries victim (me). A woman was deadly silent, maybe, again "No English!" A man has approached with a wallet to start his trade from ... $20.00 within his own "sky vision" for "what's up?" Well, over the pain and bleeding I has released him with slightly different number, just to get concentrated on triage and protectings wounds. No reasonable excuse, questions about pains, sympathy or reasonable “if any question arrived...” or “do not hesitate to call my number ...”, or any ambulance offer was planted in my mind, as they were never offered. Sure, they did not claim their names, driver license, auto insurance ...


    Sure somebody could write about such an accident more effectively, by adding famous in American pleading for a life support: emotional distress and no sex, lol:, but I just underlined issue, expressively prompted ... by CNN Breaking News. Really, what could I think next morning, after hospital assistance, reading CNN Really Extremely Extraordinary Next Breaking All Bad News that illegal guy attempted protesting activity was timely stopped. Yap, right: Caution, Aliens Present! I was not hit by Fellow American, just being believer in good people around, whose we observe, certainly, as much more than others.

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