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    Two Messages Attached REAL "Legal" Notice Of Language Services Blocked & Deleted by Yahoo.com at 12:


           Western Media has 3 Major Problems w/alleged "facts" of MH17 ... ‏   1) There's no evidence yet whatsoever that a surface to air missile brought MH17 down yet you're all talking as if you have the serial numbers from the tail of one (that you brought into the studio's from Universal Studio's Prop Dept.   2) If a missile did bring MH17 down, it's just as and/or more likely Zionist Candyman Parashenko's Fellow Coup Assassins (Blackwater) fired an acquired Russian Missile as a Patriot Missile supplied by those that call themselves "Israeli's" which are in fact, Coyote Ugly War Criminals who've been Illegally Occupying Palestine since May 1948 for they have the most to gain by blaming it on Russian and Ukrainian Loyalists objecting to the Zionist E.U. Coup that toppled their country's government.   3) The ancient file footage of a truck with two BUK missiles on top WOULD HAVE BEEN COVERED WITH A TARP IF ANYONE WERE TRYING TO "SNEAK THE LAUNCHER" back into Russia.       On those three points alone, western insinuations are damning all yall with complicit guilt in trying to fabricate a conclusion that blames Russia, and that's  without mentioning the "I Word" means "Baby Killers" in the passenger manifest which has the same Mormon-Zionist IOC Syndicate M.O. fingerprints as "Innocent Children (Hostile Insurgents regardless of age) On Our Border" or any other race or religion card played when the Guilty have no legs to stand on, which again destroys western credibility when it comes to any other further report, notwithstanding their involvement with any "Official Investigation" to follow.       All the above combined with the fact that we haven't had a legally seated government since 22NOV1963 screams of Criminal Intent by the West to frame an innocent bystander nation of yet another massive Crime Against Humanity that Zionists committed so that their War Stock Holders can escalate another U.S. vs. Russia Cold War that immediately becomes another 10 Year Hot War as Afghanistan and Iraq can no longer be justified, and again it's all being based on 100% Pure Fabricated BULLSHIT. And it's exactly the same as with everything from the Warren Commission Report to WMD's in Iraq, no one's even trying to be convincing with the crap they're throwing about as if they have the data that's going to lead to facts they couldn't possibly arrive at from the relentless insinuations already made in the first 24 hours.       Suffice. You're all full of shit and drowning in it way over your heads.       Good luck swimming away from the shark tooth facts when they start circling round your War Wagons and you find you have no Safe Harbor to escape to.   .Psalm 45.   The Following was Blocked & Deleted by Yahoo.com at 12:15 & 12:20 PM PT and then at least twice every hour ever since ...   Attached REAL "Legal" Notice Of Language Services Blocked & Deleted by Yahoo.com at 12:15 & 12:20 PM PT     

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