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    New violence in Israel and West Bank

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    Israel Gaza Jews Palestinians LUNACY !



    The most IMPORTANT thing is to protect citizens on BOTH sides as much as humanely possible.


    As long as Iran supported hamas and hezbollah are in power there cannot ever be peace between jews and arabs ! Terrorism  is doomed to failure sooner than later.



    Israeli commandos are among the BEST in the World, they will persistently seek and destroy their enemies with passion ! But  it would be best and nice for the palestinian people to STOP the futile  aggression against their neighbor.


    Israel, like it or not, is the  STRONGEST military power in the middle east and they will NEVER  surrender so the sooner their neighbors make peace with them the safer  and happier everyone will be and life for the palestinians WILL greatly  improve and Israel will be the FIRST to help them in every which way  they can !



    One thing is certain Israel would NOT be in gaza now but for  hamas's aggression policies towards Israel !



    Israel is a modern,  progressive and democratic society and nothing would make the Israelis  happpier than to help the palestinians become one too !


    How many mega  wealthy arab, islamic countries do you see helping better the lives of  palestinians ?


    Since Israel abandoned palestinian territories they have  just become terrorist hotbeds to launch endless hostilities towards  Israel !



    As we see daily al qaeda, isis, al shabaab are commiting  horrific genocide towards their own islamic peoples, it is only a matter of time before they venture Westward and then those anti-semitic  journalists and politicians who have long one sidedly sympathized with  them will also become their victims !



    And one thing everyone can  agree on NO country would stand idle by while their neighbors fire  rockets, mortars etc or attack them in any way, shape or form !


      " live by the sword...die by the sword "     Jesus


    If people in Baha California, which is similar in size and proximity to Israel, were to start launching  offensive weapons into San Diego would not the US retaliate and invade Baha ? of course they would !


    Same goes for European Pacific Asia countries.....Every country has to the right to defend against attack ! And if hamas didn't hide behind women and children, in hospitals and schools the IDF wouldn't return fire at them !

    The ONLY way there will ever be peace over there is IF and WHEN terrorists and neighbors S T O P attacking Israel.......otherwise they shouldn't coplain when Israel strikes back !


    Regardless to which side your on it's rocket attacks from hamas and Hezbollah that provokes Israel responses and retaliations ! Every time peace negotiations proceed the rockets start firing again ! I Israel had wanted Gaza they wouldn't have abandoned it and ever since they did hamas has used it as a terrorist base to attack Israel ! The historical argument of who was there first doesn't wash because every place on earth was invaded and occupied by different races over the centuries ! It's NOT about jews, arabs, muslims, Christians,etc it's about land control and we don't see the mega wealthy arab countries rushing to provide $ or land assistance to the Palestinians ! Bottom line there are NO brotherhoods or Islamic bonds,etc involved..there are many Palestinians living the good life in Gaza and many other countries and they couldn't give a hoot about the refugee camp occupants,etc !

    This whole perpetual madness is not about what appears in the media or what politicians proclaim it's moreso about POWER and the Iranian regime is the main culprit supporting hamas, Hezbollah and terrorism on a whole in the region !


    If the Palestinian people stopped the aggression towards their neighbor, Israel would be the first to help them build a prosperous and peaceful environment but hamas doesn't want this it's agenda like so many anti-Israel and anti-Jew.


    proponents both in the middle east arena and elsewhere including the closet haters and the many anti-semites who spend their entire lives consumed with hatred based on absurd and antiquated potrayals of jews whom most have NEVER even personally encountered is to attack, slaughter and eradicate the jewish people from the face of the Earth and that's what's really behind all this !


    We only have to view the daily media monologues to see and hear the endless one sided views, reports and discussions by anti-Semitic reporters and journalists many who have close relations with arabs and muslims,etc others who are doubtlessly on the payrolls of wealthy jew haters !


    Not all jews support Israel, in fact millions of jews, many who are intermarried and NOT even religious are NOT Zionist supporters...but become victims of violence just because they are jews ! Every time their is a conflict between Israel and whoever the World's jew haters jump on the bandwagon and inevitably paint Israel as the bad guy, the land grabber and the instigator !


    It's time the truth and facts were seen and accepted in reality...Israel possesses the military power to annihilate it's enemies instantly IF it wanted to !


    Time and again over the decades numerous enemies have tried to attack tiny Israel,

    a modern hi-tech and agriculturally advanced country who has helped many developing places Worldwide.


    Israel is doing what any other country would do and in fact has done over the centuries has done when attacked......it is defending itself.......it has endured frequent and endless rocket attacks, kidnappings and murders of it's citizens and soldiers,etc,etc,etc.

    If all else fails someday Israel may be forced to use it's nuclear weapons as a last resort against those who are determined to destroy them.


    Would the US, Russia or China for example have exercised such patience over the years ?


    There are jewish people all over the World in government, business, the arts and sciences...in every aspect of life some are billionaires and multi-millionaires, others in the highest echelons of power in the US, Russia and Europe, they will NOT stand by idly and allow another holocaust to happen or Israel to be destroyed WITHOUT massive retaliation everywhere, they KNOW who the enemies of the jews are and they WILL retaliate against them FAST and HARD if and when necessary !

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