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    2 Minute Report on Crimea Crisis


    The Crimean Peninsula  is a piece of land that was once Crimea.  Crimea was a part of Russia since the 1700's In 1954 Ukraine was formed (Ukraine SSR) And Crimea was part of it. In the 1990's Russia Attempted to call the transfer of Crimea to Ukraine back in 1954, an invalid transfer and wanted to take Crimea back in to its country.

    Because Crimea had many Russian descendants that were still proudly "Russian" There were multiple movements in the 90's attempting to free Crimea from Ukraine. However, no matter how close that was to happening, western influences sworn to protect Ukraine (which includes Crimea) deterred this from happening. Crimea Is largely Russian descendants with Ukrainians as a Minority.

    Jump to November 2013: Protests Occur in Kiev (the Capital of Ukraine against the president  Viktor http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Viktor_YanukovychYanukovych who happens to be Pro Crimea separation; These protests were against the idea of separating Ukraine and Crimea.

    Feburary 2014 Viktor http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Viktor_YanukovychYanukovych is ousted from his place as president, protests turned into revolutions, members of the  government turned on him.  They held an election, even thought the voting was questionable, and he lost power. Russia claims this was a Coup rather than a vote.

    On the same day, more troops in unmarked uniforms, assisted this time by Crimean riot police known as Berkut, established security checkpoints on the Isthmus of Perekop and the Chongar Peninsula, which separate Crimea from the Ukrainian mainland. Crimea and the Ukraine were effectively separated.  The Crimean people took over their parliament building, effectively removed the political members, and voted to have Crimea join Russia. On March 17th the Crimean government declared Independence from Ukraine. The UN and western countries have dismissed this and determined it was a violation to international law and Ukraine constitution. Since then there have been skirmishes along the border with multiple casualties on both sides. The Cremains are considered rebels and Russia is having sanctions posed against them for backing them.

    The "rebels" have expanded beyond Crimea, and have taken over eastern Ukraine. This allows them more paths to connect with Russia for Support. They have not made any advances into Keiv(the capital) or Ukraine, but now are in defensive positions.

    Most recently a Commercial Airplane was shot down over eastern Ukraine. Most likely the missile was shot by the Crimean forces thinking it was a fighter plane from Ukraine. There are thoughts that they were supplied with military aid from Russia. This is a fair assumption.  The United States and Europe are fast to put the blame on Russia. Russia, of course, denies any relationship with the incident.  The facts are not all in yet, but when they are we will probably find the truth of the matter: Russia is supporting the people who want to separate from Ukraine as they are pro-Russia.

    Here is what I ask my fellow Americans, How many times have we backed countries that were pro USA? How many times have we sent military aid to them , and assisted them on their beliefs and fight?  It's not about pro-Russian or not, its about respecting the peoples wishes. If this is what Crimea wants who are we to put them down?

    There are laws and treaty's made to keep Ukraine and Crimea one nation. On one side you have people accusing Russia of forcing Ukraine to give up Crimea with bribes and using their control over the resources they need from Russia for energy.

    On the other side, Crimea is a place largely supporting joining Russia, the people who live their are Russian. They did this without wanting to fight Ukraine as they went through their own voting process and did not fight Ukraine till Ukraine choose not to accept the change.

    It is a sticky situation, the US portrays Russia as an evil mobster trying to gain a little land. While Russia says its trying to allow people their Independence to voice their own opinion.

    If most of the population in Crimea want this, would it be okay? What if Texas wanted to leave the US, would Texas be in a military battle or would they allow it?
    I am not sure what will come of this. There are heavy sanctions on Russia from the US and we are far from over. I hope that this does not lead to a international crisis with major ramifications. I would rather give Crimea to Russia than see a bloody war that could affect the entire world provided the population of Crimea supports the move.

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