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    The most expensive thing I ever bought

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    Expensive products can be worth their price


    I am a product junkie. As such, I’m privy to lots of real-life information about the latest beauty gadgets and the hottest, most highly-trending items that the buying public is willing to shell out their debit and credit card numbers to obtain.


    Let’s examine some popular topics, along with the theory that proves true more often than not: You get what you pay for. Indeed, I’ve learned that cheaply-priced beauty products sometimes equal a result that’s not worth the sales price – whereas higher-ticket doohickeys oftentimes represents the cost of the better quality components it takes to create them. In the end, you’re actually paying a better price overall to invest $700, for example, in a quality massage chair that lasts for years instead of getting a “bargain basement” version for $75 that breaks within months.


    Hair straighteners


    Styling irons that tame frizzy locks or turn curly hair into sleek straight hair will always be in style, because of the versatility they offer us to change our looks at the drop of a dime. This writer favors wearing 100% human hair weaves, and I still love switching up the naturally curly strands by using flat irons. The Karmin Professional hair straighteners have the kind of ceramic finish that is a mainstay in my beauty arsenal, because ceramic doesn’t leave the burnt hair smell that other, cheaper flat irons can leave. A peek at some of the results from real customers on Karmin’s Instagram page shows why women are flocking to the brand.


    At-home microdermabrasion systems


    Those who’ve read my previous articles know that I love exfoliating my skin in order to get rid of dark spots, acne scars and to create a smooth finish to appear a lot younger than my 45 years. As such, I invested nearly a couple of hundred dollars to buy a diamond-encrusted at-home microdermabrasion system from Trophy Skin, which I use at least weekly. Just like the customer testimonials say, the machine seriously sloughs off dead skin and makes the skin on our faces and bodies feel softer than it has in years. Plus, it helps make it more receptive to moisturizing creams.


    It makes sense that a product that includes real diamond chips wouldn’t come cheap – and nor should consumers expect it to be offered at a reduced rate that’s scarily low.


    Wrinkle-reducing lip strips


    Yes, I fell for the hype after seeing the product called Angel Lift on the TV show Shark Tank, wherein a bunch of entrepreneurs hawk their wares. So much so that I bookmarked the website until I could afford the nearly $100 it took to purchase a pair of surgical-grade strips that users place atop their gums in order to lift out the wrinkles – also called “marionette lines” – commonly found around the mouth as people age or lose weight. Before and after photos convinced me to buy the product, along with the manner in which it was discovered whereby dental patients found out that a similar apparatus helped their frown lines improve. So far, so good; I think I’ll go slip them in my mouth right now.


    All of these examples prove that it can be worthwhile to spend the money on quality offerings that will last and provide great results, instead of always seeking the cheapest bargain that might end up costing you more money in the long run.

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