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    Posted July 19, 2014 by
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    New violence in Israel and West Bank

    Tears of Gaza

    Gaza! The beauty of a soul.

    Earlier, kids were playing soccer there, on the beach that looked like oil-stained pages. I could still imagine their echo as I am a soccer player. The feet tapping the sand. The children-voices laughing, the smiles like salt, but decaying fast.
    Then, bombs

    They tried to run as it was shown in pictures but this time they didn't sprint to score a goal but did to save their souls. Everything was too late.
    The run and people who tried to help them it was all too late.
    Within minutes the place was filled with people who were eager to know what happened but definitely shocked to see a packet of souls
    Was it fate? Destiny maybe?
    Well, that's the question. Does Israel now determine fate? That's simply not true although they kill whoever they want whenever they want, but what makes Gazans survive is the strong believe that God determines fate.
    But still ,no one doesn't get scared maybe not from the bombs beside you ,but the worries about people you love is scary.

    Let's not be stupid.
    We all know that Israel throws bombs down by humans hiding in the clouds to kill humans who try to kill them on ground.
    Now, what made me write this article is the innocence of those four kids, and to prove that their human existence is worth it.
    A shift to the whole situation in Gaza Strip now.
    People are proud but still really tired of war, people want to take revenge for the martyrs but still don't want more innocent people to get killed, and people here love life but not as much as they love their country.

    How can you describe a helpless father telling his 2 year-old dead daughter you're gone for the love of our country. As a foreigner I might call him either crazy or a person with no feelings but as a Palestinian I call him brave.
    How can you describe a mother who lets her 18 year-old only son go and fight while she knows he's not coming back, but guess what she tells him she loves him and prays for him to get back the homes of thousands instead.
    Please tell me how can you describe a child who witnessed the shocking news about the death of his brother who was playing with him an hour ago.
    How about you tell me about a family that was alarmed to move out of their house with a small rocket. Wait.
    How about you tell me where should they go?

    I recently saw a video of a young boy in the hospital who was getting treated for his injury. The reporter asked him "who brought you here ?" He answered "my cousin" the reporter asked another question " where are your mom and dad?" the young little boy answered "home" not knowing they are in another home, in a better home, a home beside the lord who created homes
    Well, I don't want to hope for anything anymore.
    It’s my heart that is tired, children's hearts shouldn't feel like this.
    Here in Gaza the silence is a threatening mood for the sake of thinking what is coming next.
    And it's funny how the western media pictures us as terrorists. CNN, BBC ABC etc would you please put more effort for knowing the truth because as I was taught. Media was invented to tell the truth.
    Journalists in Gaza suffer and put their lives in danger to tell the truth while the western media tends to show that Israel is a democratic country defending itself. Truth is, Israel and western media are both killing the truth.

    Humanity? When this brutal attack on Gaza needs thousands of protests to be stopped that's the moment you know the even brutal humanity was dead.
    Is there any human, a man enough Israeli soldier who can say "I did it on purpose, I did it because I was raised on hatred toward Palestinians." Of course not because each soldier knows what he was raised on is wrong.
    Isn't it a surviving human right to travel whenever he wants to? Isn't it a human right to have electricity 24 hours a day? Isn't it a human right to have a peaceful city to live in? Isn't it a human right to live? It is a human right of course, but for Palestinian Human Rights the answer is " if we want you to " and the speaker is Israel- the very democratic country
    It's time to talk about Gaza's nights.
    In each second, you hear a bomb, you get frightened, you get worried, and you start asking about people.
    I know many will think so why not sleep?
    Sleep..sleep.. s-s-s say it another time to wake up a minute after closing your eyes to the sound of a new explosion.
    A final moment of eclipse-the recognition of another soul gone.
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