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    Bongaon, India
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    There are hundreds of languages and dialects in this world. People of different regions and countries speak in their own languages and mother taught dialects. At this modern and technologically developed era some speak in English, while some other speak in Russian or in other languages. With the development of spoken languages, the writing devices have earned culmination . In every language the alphabet plays an important role but how the Republic of China copes with the problem when the Chinese people have no limited number of characters in writing method. How , in absence Alphabet the learners can understand everything by pictorial words, named Kanji ? The Chinese people are really meritorious to remember thousands of kanjis or pictorial words in common writings.
    In the context of modern linguistic history many a languages of this world have become matured through evolution. In broad sense we can mention names of some languages which have become flourished by adopting and adapting many a foreign words. The matured languages viz English, Spanish, French, Germanic , Russian, Arabian, Chinese, Hindi, Bengali, Japanese and other languages of this Globe have helped the globalization by exchanging languages with International appeal. The people of North Pole, South Pole, Africa, Latin America and other regions have attained the epithet of flourishing the universal treasure.
    Every language has its own specialities and grammatical bindings. Bengali is a world recognized language of South East Asia. People of Bangladesh and the State of West Bengal ,under the federal structure of Republic of India speak in this language. The world could knows how rich this language is when the great poet Rabindranath Tagore became a Nobel laureate. This versatile literary figure has introduced the flourished Bengali literature with the people of the world by his super his thought and idea. His book “Gitanjali” comprised some beautiful Bengali poems of mystic elevation. Later with the help W.B. Yeats he himself translated the Bengali poems into English and thus drew the attention of the World people tward his great poems. Tagore composed not only lyrics , he added own composed music to keep his song alive in the name ”Rabindrasangit” . This versatile person also wrote drama like “Raja O Rani” and novel like “ Home and the World “. Tagore is also famous for writing poignant and touchy short story like “Chhuti” . Besides these the dance drama like “Shyama” , “Chitrangada” and “Tasherdesh” are some of his epoch making creations in Bengali literature.
    This great Bengalee genius had much knowledge in Sanskrit language also. Sanskrit is the mother of all Indian languages. His composed Sanskrit song
    “ Jono gono mono adhinayaka joyohe
    Bharata Bhagyabidhata,…………………..” is the national song of The Sovereign Democratic Republic of India. Not only India, but Bangladesh also accepted Tagore’s song
    “Amar Sonar Bangla,
    Ami tomay bhalobashi………..” as the country’s national song.

    Learning Bengali by the foreigners is no doubt difficult to a great extent. Though the pronunciation of Bengali words is soft, sweet and enjoyable., following Bengali grammar meticulously is not so easy. Bengali alphabet is consisted of vowels and consonants. বাংলা বর্ণমালা স্বরবর্ণ এবং ব্যঞ্জনবর্ণ গঠিত হয়. There are twelve vowels and thirtyfour consonants. বারো স্বরবর্ণ এবং চৌত্রিশ ব্যঞ্জনবর্ণ আছে. স্বরবর্ণ অ আ ই ঈ উ ঊ '''''''''''''''''''''''''''ও ঔ।
    স্বরবর্ণ ক খ গ ঘ ........................হ , ক্ষ ।

    In comparison to Bengali Nihongo or Japanese language is more difficult. Although nihon go has soft phonetic its grammatical rules are very complicated. We know that Chinese is one of the most difficult languages of the World . Its pronunciation is harsh. This language has no regular alphabet . Thousands of pictorial words or Kanjis are used to denote different nouns . To remember such a great number of kanji in different situations proves the super merit of the Chinese.
    Nihongo does not have all forms or classifications of grammar as we find in using English. There are three tenses . The present, past and future tenses have no all forms like perfect continuous as we find in English tenses. 英語は時制のように3時制、現在過去と未来時制は、すべての形式がありきません (Eigo wa jisei no yō ni 3 jisei, genzai kako to mirai jisei wa, subete no keishiki ga arikimasen)..Like Chinese Japanese people are also meritorious, industrious and sincere. In Japanese there are three sets of alphabets. To express indigenous things “Hiragana” characters and to express foreign words Katakana alphabets are used . The number of character in both alphabets are (45 + 45) 90 and the number of kanjis used in Japanese is more than 2000 ( two thousand). .
    Hiragana characters are ひらがな文字がある” あ い う えお’。。。。。。”
    カタカナthese are the sample of Katakana writings. In Japanese university is daigaku and it is written in kanji “大学” . America is a big country. アメリカは大きな国です。Amerika wa ōkina kunidesu.. In this sentence America is written in “Katakana” wa is in hiragana character ooin Kanji kina in Hiragana kuni is in Kanji and desu is written in Hiragana . Such combined characters are used in writing Japanese language. Although writing is difficult, Japanese language and literature incomplete without usage of Kanji characters.
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