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    Death Wish of Former Empires : Former Colonies Now Colonizing the Former Empires


    A few years ago, Victor Volsky compared the situation to that of the mammoth wasp and its prey. Why such an analogy? Well, a mammoth wasp ensures the survival of its children using a rhinoceros beetle like canned meat. The wasp finds the larva of the beetle that will act as a storehouse for it. With one strike in the nerve center, the mammoth wasp paralyzes the beetle and lays one egg in its outer skin.

    Immediately after getting out of the egg, the wasp’s larva starts to use its sharp jaws, eating through the first layer of the beetle’s outer skin before getting to the inner organs and devouring them until the entire stock of food is eaten. The consumption of the helpless host goes in a strict sequence: first the baby wasp eats the least important organs, like muscles, blood, fat… and only then does the nervous system follow. It means that the paralyzed victim stays alive until the last moment. In this blood-chilling way the growing larva of the mammoth wasp has fresh food during the entire period of its growth

    This is exactly the way the former empires get colonized by their own colonies? It defies all logic, yet somehow, this is what has come to be in Europe. In the midst of a full-blown conquista, after what began as a simple plan to bring over some cheap labor to do the work the natives couldn’t be bothered with, Europe is aiding and abetting in its own demise. Muslim immigration has become a Muslim takeover.

    Europe is certainly feeding its own parasite, first by inviting the parasite to begin with, along with all its friends and relatives. Then by allowing it to thrive in its own community with its own set of rules, never monitored, and even given a stack of beetles in the form of welfare benefits, it has actually become a protected species with political correctness at the helm, directing all critics to the land “hate speech” where “racists” and “fascists” go- to the land of ruined careers and destroyed reputations. Thus, the natives who complain about getting devoured are penalized, while the parasite lives happily on.

    The parasite has rights after all. The right to set up shop in our world, feed on us, hate us and consume us, and anyone who doesn’t like it is a parasite-phobe. This is where political correctness has taken us.

    Muslims claim more and more privileges, hysterically demanding “to defend” them from “Islamophobia”, “racism” and “discrimination”, operating these terrible words like a thief uses a lock-pick. And yet, in most cases when Islamophobia is reported, it was a crime perpetrated by a Muslim himself or a few insults thrown around on social media. If that is a “hate crime”, Muslims are far more versed in that type of crime than anyone else.

    In fact, their own hate crimes go far deeper. After perpetrating a horrific terrorist attack, for example, in the 7/7 London bombings, injuring hundreds and killing 52, shortly before the anniversary this year, they urinated on and defaced the memorial with graffiti. And to show how incredibly “assimilated” they are, they are falling all over themselves to become jihadists in Syria, hoping to return to Europe to demonstrate what they’ve learned amongst their peers.

    But can you utter a single word of protest. No, no one is allowed to utter a word of discontent. Political correctness again.

    And it goes further. Today Muslim cabbies in Minneapolis refuse to serve blind passengers who are accompanied by dogs, and they demand special baths for foot washing before prayer to be built for them in the airports. How far will it go? Tomorrow Muslim students in British schools will demand to put an end to the “+” sign because it looks like a cross. And the authorities will obediently bow to their demands.

    Just speaking about all these events is an inadmissible sin against the current prevailing norms. An outstanding expert in Oriental studies, Professor Bernard Lewis bitterly states that “in the Western world, intellectual freedom is defied to an extent this world did not know since the 18th century. Islam and Islamic values now enjoy in the West such an immunity from any discussion and critics Christianity has lost long ago, and Judaism has never known.”

    With this, a very significant part of Muslims sits on the neck of that same Western society they hate so much, milking it dry, getting all possible and impossible privileges, help and all kinds of social aid and merrily laughing over the stupidity of the conquered West. What joy it must be for Muslims in the West to exploit a victim, to live at his cost, to enjoy their power and see the humiliation of a once mighty and now helpless enemy paralyzed with fear!

    In his The Time Machine written back in 1895, the great H.G. Wells described the fall of the civilization populated by the very nice, peaceful, tolerant and absolutely shallow Eloi, who thought only about pleasure and enjoyment and whose very existence depended on Morlocks, ape-like creatures who lived underground and fed them. At first, the Eloi society seemed so nice and pleasant: lots of food, no need to work and the possibility to enjoy life. But then it turns out that Morlocks feed Eloi like cattle, just to slaughter them and eat them afterwards.

    They talk 0f their cultural values after they accepted a plurality of value systems in the UK, proudly nesting “a vibrant variety of cultural, religious and ideological communities”. What was not asked was: if the Brits have forgotten their own values simply to allow others of different values to live among them, had these “others” also agreed to “forget” theirs? Muslims are caught up in sharia law in the 21st century. They can accept British law only in violation of sharia. The problem is that “values” are not sharia, the code of Islamic punishments that extends to, and questions, the host state’s penal code. If a British Muslim converts, he is to be killed as an apostate under sharia, but Britain will not allow such a punishment. Hindus in the UK can integrate much better because they don’t have a sharia. If a Muslim girl marries a non-Muslim, her father is under obligation to punish her as an apostate.

    Studies show Muslims “integrating” in the UK less well than other expats. One has to point out that they integrated well in the past. (My relatives in the UK, for instance, used to be pleasantly anglicised in the 1960s when they visited in Lahore; they look very un-British in their Arab-looking dress today and don’t even integrate in Pakistan.) What is the UK doing to my Paki relatives? Pakistan had nothing like Hizbut Tahrir and al-Muhajirun till the two extremist organisations were “sent” here from London, or Londonistan, as the French dub it.

    I personally prefer British philosopher Thomas Hobbes to John Locke because the former was more bothered by religion and its judgemental dogma. This also reveals the state of my mind living under social and legislative extremism in Pakistan, even though our government-run schools here are not like the ones in Birmingham. Gilles Kepel happens to be my favourite author after he wrote Allah in the West: Islamic Movements in America and Europe (1997).

    According to Kepel, Islamisation of the immigrant Muslim community in the UK was an early post-colonial trend stemming from the British experience in India. Communalisation rather than integration suited the UK because it could then farm out menial jobs to a community formed especially for them. Workers’ mosques came up in the 1950s in the industrial areas of the UK. But things changed. The Rushdie affair in 1988 almost coincided with the explosion caused by the Islamic scarf affair in France a year later. The protest organised against Rushdie’s Satanic Verses united the fragmented Muslim community in the UK behind Imam Khomeini’s fatwa of death against him.

    It began in 1988, when the Islamic Foundation of Leicester campaigned against Rushdie’s blasphemy, but the man who finally ran away with the collective Muslim response was ex-journalist, Kalim Siddiqui, of Jamaat Islami background, who set up his Muslim Parliament and issued what was termed the “Muslim Manifesto” in 1990, actually challenging the British system. Siddiqui came to grief eventually and was exposed for his shady financial deals.

    Today, as British-Muslim parents cry for their sons secretly taking off for jihad in Syria, they should rethink their Islamisation as a defence against the British “culture shock”. The UK has the dubious distinction of housing the largest mosque in the world.

    London ignored the transformation of the moderate Barelvi-Paki mosques into Deobandi-Paki mosques — which later spread Talibanisation in Pakistan — because its law on importing imams and preachers was not discriminating enough. Today, the more tolerant Barelvis, who don’t interface with hardline Arab immigrants so well, call themselves the “forgotten children” of the UK.

    Muslims have not accepted the “moral relativism” at the root of British tolerance: they are more wedded to the Lutheran “certainty” of the murderous 17th century Europe. I recall listening to Professor Muhammad Anwar of the University of Warwick in Lahore in 2001 who said Pakistanis living in the UK were 700,000, the third largest minority community. (There were a million Indians in the UK then.) Pakistanis had the highest unemployment rate, five times more than the British average, and the crime rate was higher among them than in any other community. Fully 2 per cent of the prisoners rotting in British jails were Pakistanis, the highest for any one community.

    There are three million — unofficially seven million — Pakistanis living outside Pakistan whose thinking about Pakistan tends to be different from the desi Pakistani. They now coyly call themselves “conservative Muslims” and are far less integrated into the host society than non-Muslim expat communities. This is so because of double alienation. The anger against the home country — for not being Islamic enough — which is double that against the hosts, for not being Islamic. Some Muslims flee Pakistan protesting religious persecution but once in the UK, want to create the same hardline religious conditions they have fled.

    Kenan Malik, writes in The New York Times': “Instead of promoting a secular state education system, with a shared educational framework that would ensure that all children are taught to a common standard, the UK government has encouraged different minority communities to define their notion of education and to devise their own curriculum. And when it goes disastrously wrong, as in Birmingham, rather than question its own policies, it blames the community.”

    The modern Western realities are alarmingly similar to the fantasies of the English writer. The inner enemy-parasite, eating the flesh of his host, moves to dominance in Western Europe (and later this enemy will advance to the USA). Muslim communities rapidly grow in number thanks to the fast natural growth and never-ending immigration. On their side there are bitter envy and fierce hatred fed with religious fanaticism, while the fruitless and genderless European civilization obediently treads to the slaughterhouse, animatedly discussing on the way the rights of nudists and gays. “A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself within.” (Will Durant, “Epilogue—Why Rome fell”, The Story of Civilization, 3 Caesar And Christ)

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