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    Posted July 20, 2014 by

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    A Letter To Russia

    Dear Russia,

    The world is not there to get you, we are not interested in the poverty you have there to offer, we are not interested in partitioning Russia nor we are interested in your so-called debt-free establishment, as none of these are real, but propaganda forged in Moscow and only targeted towards you.

    We - as in: the West - are not interested in a war with Russia, there is no gain from it, we are doing quite fine - as some of your compatriots can see for themselves - and have lived rather peacefully for the past seven decades.

    We had our ups and downs, we've made some mistakes, we trusted Bush and his Iraq war and we said never again. You see, our occasional mistakes do not define us, we are not warmongers nor we want to wage war, any war, at almost any cost.

    Of course, Moscow paranoia propaganda tells horrid stories of NATO and EU expansion, but they are not made against Russia as they are forged from the desires of Eastern Europeans to belong to a peaceful block.

    It is not US that expanded into Eastern Europe. Rather, it was every people's right to self determination that expanded and some countries decided to have closer ties to prosperity. Wouldn't you chose prosperity over state-financed corruption? Of course you would.

    You need to understand that we have it all working rather good, we don't need to harm Russia for our gains, we generally don't need Russia, we have it all and we have the most to lose if we harm Russia in ways that hurt millions and millions of people.

    So no, we are not there to get you. We invested over 2000 billion in the past two decades, we wouldn't want to lose that money that brought some prosperity to Russia, especially since the Russian bankruptcy of late 1990s.

    We do, however, expect Russia to hold on to its international commitments and we'll do - however - harm Russia if it starts dismantling our peaceful construct.

    In this millennium of unrestricted travel, unrestricted access to information, unrestricted cash flows and unrestricted freedom of expression, the Moscow ways are plain wrong: you can't expect a country that invades another country to get away with it, you can't expect militias killing unarmed civilians to get away with it, you can't expect Russia to get away with some things that - if they were done to you - would lead to World War III.

    Dear Russia, is it too much to ask of you to get sober, leave your neighbors alone and stop the paranoia? The world is not out to get you, you are not the center of the universe, Ukrainians are not the fascist you were told, they just defend their country - as you would do, if someone were to attack yours - and, generally speaking, is it too much to ask of you not to suppress the free will of the neighboring countries?

    After all, Russia is the largest country on Earth, you could have your so-called "buffer zones" within your borders, you don't need any other country to do that for you.

    Tell me, is it too much to ask?
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