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    Posted July 20, 2014 by
    Watertown, New York
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    Israel's Netanyahu Willing to Kill Women and Children to Get Hamas

    Netanyahu says that Hamas is using women and children as human shields so he has no choice but to bomb indiscriminately to get Hamas.
    Here, in the U.S., were a hostage taken by a criminal, would the police shoot the hostage because they were in the way of a clear shot on the hostage taker?
    Israel's right wing government is continuing to build settlements in Palestine. Netanyahu has said a two state solution is off the table.
    For years, he has opposed any compromise with the Palestinians.
    Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated by right-wing Israeli radical, Yigal Amir, who was opposed to Rabin's signing of the Oslo Accords.
    Netanyahu also opposed the Oslo Accords which would have given the Palestinians their liberty.
    The problems in Palestine all fall on Netanyahu shoulders and his unwillingness to negotiate anything away when he clearly believes that the Palestinians deserve nothing.
    Until he is ousted and until the U.S. stands up to this brutal tyrant, we can expect more women and children to be killed.
    "Netanyahu opposed the Oslo accords from their inception.
    During his term as prime minister in the late 1990s, Netanyahu consistently reneged on commitments made by previous Israeli governments as part of the Oslo peace process, leading American peace envoy Dennis Ross to note that "neither President Clinton nor Secretary of State Madeleine Albright believed that Bibi had any real interest in pursuing peace."

    " In a 2001 video, Netanyahu, reportedly unaware he was being recorded, said:
    "They asked me before the election if I'd honor the Oslo Accords," "I said I would, but ... I'm going to interpret the accords in such a way that would allow me to put an end to this galloping forward to the '67 borders.
    How did we do it?
    Nobody said what defined military zones were.
    Defined military zones are security zones; as far as I'm concerned, the entire Jordan Valley is a defined military zone. Go argue."

    The U.S. needs to take a stand against what Netanyahu is doing.
    We still may have a strong alliance with Israel and its people without condoning the murder of women and children by a leader who learned the wrong lesson from the holocaust.
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