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    The recent rage about “natural” pools online needs some clarifying.


    The proponents claim the poll never needs chemicals, it’s kept clean by the animals and plants and it is all natural and therefore safe. Not so on all counts.


    1) Chemicals - Water is chemical. Two atoms of hydrogen and one of oxygen. There are a LOT more chemicals in a pond, which is what natural pools are. OK, so they mean additive chemicals like chlorine, salt, shock and other stuff used to keep pool water clear.


    True, it does not have these, but do you know why such items are added to a pool? Santitation is a big reason. Chlorine in a pool kills things like salmonella, E. coli bacteria and a whole bunch of other nasty microscopic things that can and do kill people around the world and in the United States every year.


    2) Cleaned by the animals - Ever been to the bottom of a pond? Mud and muck, which is great for growing things if you scrape it up from the bottom. If you don’t scrape it out, it builds up. Other stuff builds up in the mud.


    3) Animals and plants - Yes. Plenty of them. Frogs and minnows are very interesting to watch. So are water moccasins if you like watching snakes. The fact is, if you have a pond, something is going to come along to eat what’s growing in the pond. Plants have to be managed of they can take over. Plants also have to be managed to prevent excess algae buildup.


    4) Natural and safe - Well, it can be. Refer back to No. 1. Where do you think all these animals in the water poop? In the water. While getting a mouthful of chlorinated pool water is unpleasant, at least it’s not got fish feces in it.


    If you really want a pool, have it installed by a professional and make sure it’s safe physically as well as hygienically.

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