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    Making a baguette is more than rolling dough long


    The traditional French baguette is not just a long thin loaf of bread. French law actually defines what the dough is made from, but not the shape.


    The recipe is fairly simple - wheat flour, water, yeast and regular salt. Once mixed in the proper proportions, the dough is folded and rolled into the long thin loaves people associate with the baguette.


    The folding and gentle rolling is really what makes it to light and flakey.


    That’s really what people look for, the long thin look, although that is not absolutely necessary. It can be formed into round pan shaped loaves, a sandwich roll or just about any other shape a cook might want to try.


    They are either baked in special pans that allow heat to circulate across the whole loaf for that crispy crust everywhere or dust the pan with cornmeal to keep the bread from sticking a regular baking land and get the crispy crust everywhere..


    Depending on who is doing the baking, the kind of flour can change. Banh mi, a kind of Vietnamese baguette uses rice flour in the mix. Some bakeries use whole wheat flour, multigrain and even sourdough. Kosher salt is used in special kosher loaves.


    Baguettes are often served spread with pate’ or cheese. Some people like to make French bread pizza with them.


    As the owner of the Normandie Bakery in Los Angeles, Chef Josette knows baguettes very well because her bakery makes around 1,500 baguettes a day.

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