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    Posted July 21, 2014 by
    Fort Benning, Georgia

    Improper Medical Care, Abuse of Power, Reprisal, and Harassment in the Warrior Transition Battalion at Fort Benning, GA

    My name is SSG Jacare Hogan and you conducted a story on me several months back regarding my meeting with the President of the United States at the Disabled American Veterans (DAV), which I am a Life Member of and I was also one of the only two people acknowledged in his recent Veteran's Day Speech. Behind the scenes there was many things going on with me in my current attached unit at the Warrior Transition Battalion. This included improper medical treatment documented harassment, reprisal and prejudice. the Command Sergeant major being notified of a soldier slitting their wrists as a result of Cadre (military personnel over the Medically held soldiers) and that soldier being told to be careful what was told to me. Although I am a Unit Victim Advocate trained to deal with Sexual Assault and Rape Victims. MANY Inspector General and Equal Opportunity complaints have been filed against the unit Command Sergeant Major. I tried to file one, although I was an Equal Opportunity Advisor, and I was told I did not have a complaint. Unfortunately, nothing has been doing for over three years. CSM Legere has purposely ensured documents "disappeared" or never reached a soldiers unit, illegally coerced the Battalion surgeons into changing profiles. He has also told these Medical personnel not to write certain profiles (although a soldier may require it) and these medical personnel stated these facts to soldiers when asked. Actions orchestrated by CSM Thomas Legare in disregard for Army policies, regulations, and no care for soldiers have been constant. Many soldiers have harmed themselves as a result of the "pressure" he places on soldier through Cadre. he has also ignored Military Police calls when drug paraphernalia which contained some residue, was found by myself on the barracks ground. I reported it to the Military Police, they filed a report and my "Command" could not be contacted. The reason I am emailing this as result of me being caused to be placed into a mental facility for several days, and many other things as a result of his actions. Unfortunately many of the Commanders get blamed for what he does underhandedly and he has consistently lied to other Senior Non-Commissioned officers. MANY soldiers have tried to have him held accountable but yet he is not. He is currently trying to out-process to escape a current EO/IG complaint where a General as gotten involved ( not the first time).For over two years I have documented complaints that I have had against this unit in regards to abuse of power, harassment, racism, ect, that I spoke to CSM Legare about and nothing was absolutely done and he continues to ensure blame is ultimately placed on everyone above him or below him. In three years I have had 4 Battalion Commanders, 3 Company Commanders, 3 First Sergeants and numerous "acting first sergeants" and platoon sergeants: Numbers do not lie and yet he has managed to stay there??? This numbers are not inclusive of at least 2 suicides and a accusation of rape/sexual assault in the WTB "barracks" that are controlled by the Command Sergeant.

    Months ago when a Policy regarding formations were changed and many soldiers voiced their opinions about it, wrote a former complaint, or verbally complained. Soldiers were "threatened" and told " if you do not like the policy you can leave." Furthermore stating, "We can get your paperwork written to get you out of here". In a unit at is a Pentagon Directed initiative that states its motto is Holistically, emotionally, physically heal soldiers. This unit has done more harm that good. Shortening Medical Board processes on purpose, directing soldiers whom all are on some type of narcotics (many times multiple medicines), anti-depressants, sleep medicines, to attend formations when medications are still in their system and soldiers are driving. Additionally, physical devices are required to stand and not taken in consideration by the unit: canes, back braces, knee braces, walkers, crutches, neck braces, spinal cord stimulators, ect. Although all of this "equipment" for a soldier to stand and walk. CSM Legare has a policy of no Physical Training (PT) Uniforms, although the Army does not pay Warrior Transition Unit Soldiers as a result of wear and tear of their uniform/clothing, such as the Veterans Affairs.

    Every day you have to fight for your right to heal in this unit. Although the nurses are great, the "physicians" at the Warrior Clinic have almost severely injured soldiers due to incorrect medication combinations, such as myself. Also incorrectly diagnosing diseases or injuries by failing to standard tests ( Blood Panel Scans, MRI's, bone scans, ect), and failing to seek advice when it is unknown. One soldier was diagnosed with an leg injury and when he went to the Emergency Room in Atlanta the doctor stated he had a pulmonary embolism if he would not have come to the ER to get it re-checked he would have died. The Atlanta physician did not understand why the Hospital did not see it. As a result of my Physician refusing to conduct a basic blood panel scan that I requested for over 6 months, I went to my assigned Neurologist to request one, only to be told I had been carrying Lyme disease for over 6 months. As a result of many of the effects of long term Lyme Disease, It was initially thought I had multiple Sclerosis. When those test became negative, My neurologist was on my way to refer me to Atlanta to test for a Nerve disorder. As a result of the Lyme Disease, it further affected my Traumatic Brain Injury, Migraines, Arthritis, and other physical issues. It may also be the cause of my Fibromyalgia. Soldiers are constantly being denied pain medicines because Primary Care Physicians "think they do not need it". Although specialist have recommended it. A soldier was denied pain medicines although she required it as a result of battling Cancer and threatened to not say anything by the Primary Care Physician at the Warrior Clinic, because the unit was trying to get her out on " a false enlistment and given Motrin when in chronic pain because of diagnosed injuries such as back injuries, neck injuries, ect. Soldiers are also not told that many of the "Holistic" procedures at is apart of the units motto are not covered by Tricare. All these cases can be verified.

    This is a disgrace to the Non-Commissioned Officers (Core and the United States Military in general. CSM Legare does not uphold the Core Army Values, Warrior Creed, and Non-Commissioned Officer's (NCO) Creed I was always taught to live by. My Son has Autism Spectrum Disorder and four other disorders and he has purposely done this to ensure my family suffers. I have fought several wars and have had things done to me that no one should ever experience. I have also been in situations that no human should ever be in. I now want expose him and have his rank taken away. Although the Current MEDCOM Command, to include, CSM Nicaragua, that oversees the Warrior Transition Battalion at Fort Benning at Martin Army Hospital , has tried fix the issues that he is aware of, CSM Legare continues to undermine MEDOCM authority. Changing CSM Nicaragua and MEDCOM decisions with out their knowledge or consent until a soldier notifies them on the Army's "Open Door Policy" or a formal complaint is made.

    Without media attention many terrible deeds done by this CSM that intentionally hurt families and children will continue to get unpunished by the Military and they will all him to just retire with no repercussions. Tomorrow morning I will be sending out several Congressionals and contacting the Sergeant Major of the Army via Email, to include a contact in the White House All this can be verified with interviews from soldiers assigned to this unit in regards to CSM Thomas Legare. His words have rang true in what he spoke to me on 14 July 2014 after he tried to hold me from out-processing from my unit to retire on 30 July 2014. He stated " We will just deal with everything after you leave" Although on 17 July 2014 I had my DD214 in hand, and Retirement award. I checked me LES paycheck for August 1, 2014. My check before retirement and he had someone in finance demote me in the system. Not only is this against Army policy, it is punishable by the Uniform Code of Military Justice. But will he get punished???? Hence, now is why I not only have to get it fixed by Tuesday in the system, and contacting the Media.
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