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    Remembering those on Flight MH17

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    An eye for an eye only leads to blindness


    The MH17 disaster is having a huge impact on the Dutch society.I am Dutch and work abroad in disaster management. I happened to be in the Netherlands, these passed days.I have received lots of messages from international colleagues.Many offered prayer, but some asked me how we can sit back and watch the horrible images from the crash site.The Netherlands now have the right to retaliate, they feel.Masked men with guns are disrespecting our dead children;why aren´t we using military force?

    My Dutch heart is hurting.If one would set up a Linkedin-like model, connecting the victims,one would see that our country is so small, that we are all linked.
    Our whole country is mourning.

    As a disaster specialist I shiver, when I watch the news coverage.It makes me furious.I think I don´t need to explain the effects these images have on the next of kin.

    While watching foreign politicians, talking war language on the news, I had a lightbulb moment.
    There is a strange paradox I experience; especially US colleagues in the Christian community are very good at pointing out the dangers of living in a secular country, like the Netherlands.Laws and rules are often criticized, because they "encourage sin".Sometimes they are right, but I often have to differ.

    My lightbulb went on, when I turned off the tv, last night; I just couldn´t bear to watch the trauma the children in Gaza and Israel are now experiencing. Humanity is showing it´s evil side.

    I decided to pray and ask the WWJD question;what would Jesus do? Would Jesus put on a navy seal uniform, get on a chopper and shoot all the drunken thugs, holding our dead people hostage?We would lose even more sons and daughters in fierce battles. It wouldn´t solve the conflict in Urkaine, it would only lead to more funerals, to more grief.

    My Jesus would give his attention to the grieving parents, grandparents, sons and daughters. His Ministry would be the Ministry of Presence.His Ministry is my Ministry.
    During my work I walk beside people, when life seems too hard to handle.It is exactly what Jesus would do, I feel.

    A while back, during an international conference,overseas colleagues were shocked when I presented a case;a drunk driver had killed a child.We had supported the police officers, when they informed the bereaved parents.We had organised support for the family and school.But we had also dispatched a colleague to support the drunk driver, a day after the accident.My overseas colleagues got terribly upset;we had wasted time and money on a killer.I had seen this "killer".His life was a mess, even before the accident.It lost all purpose, after he had looked into the deceased child´s eyes.We got him into rehab and I happened to run into him, a while back.He is now supporting a drunk driving awareness program.
    It was not a sinfull act we did; to me it was a Jesus-act.Jesus would never turn His back on anyone.

    My lightbulb made me see that my secular society is actually responding to the MH17 tragedy in a very Jesus-like way;everyone is pulling together, offering support and comfort.We all could have been passengers on that plane;it is so random, so utterly senseless and sad.
    Innocent loved ones were caught in a conflict and now seen as collateral damage by a bunch of crazy men with guns.

    People often ask me how I can believe in a God, when He let´s these tragedies happen.The thing is that the big religions in the world have so much in common; Jews, Muslims and Christians, we all believe in God´s creation.When God decided to makes us different from the animals, He gave us the freedom to choose;to be able to choose to believe, He gave us the ability to choose good or evil.

    God did not shoot the rocket that hit our plane.It was shot by a bunch of idiots,seizing the opportunity to do evil deeds.
    I believe that God is hurting, watching humanity suffer.
    If anyone knows how it feels to grieve over the loss of a child, killed by people, doing evil, it is God.

    I am very proud to be Dutch, right now.Yes, we are angry and yes, we are voicing our frustration.
    But we get the most important point there is to get right now;the calls for "an eye for an eye" will not be answered.You see, when you do that you lose you vision, you become blind.
    You accept propaganda talks, you believe the stories, being told by leaders, holding power by spreading fear.

    Some may call us weak.I see my people as courageous.We may be secular and many of us may not want to be identified with any religion.But we are doing what some amazing people in history learned us; Ghandi, Mother Teresa,Mr.Mandela the Dalai Lama. Would they advise us to pick up our guns?

    We are taking deap breaths, crying tears of frustration, when we need to.But our energy is directed to the people who are left behind.
    My secular country is showing compassion, unity and dignity.

    We are waiting for our dead.We will treat them with the uttermost respect and dignity.They will be remembered and we will celebrate their lives and hold their memories, covering them with the most beautiful flowers.

    We are turning the other cheek.This may be the hardest task we will ever have to face. But we can and we will do it.There is so much beauty in this world.
    There is so much beauty in humanity.

    If you are moved by our losses, repect our point of view.
    Stop the war language and send us your much needed and appreciated prayers.
    Turn off your tv and go and see if you can find the beauty in your own life.You don´t have to be a God-person.
    But you can count your blessings;watch your sleeping child, go out and smell the roses.
    Take a deep breath and appreciate your freedom.
    May God bless our loved and lost ones.

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