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    Posted July 21, 2014 by
    Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
    This iReport is part of an assignment:
    Remembering those on Flight MH17





    Before leaving for Belgium a few weeks ago, Jana wrote (translated and edited): "Like above title, I am only a son of salt farmer so I have tasted already the salty of life. My father is Ketut Ginastra and my mother is Wayan Sukri. I am from Pejarakan (North Bali, Indonesia). I have high dream to travel around the world, I want to know the world. But how my father can support and pay my high dream with his income is only 25 thousand per day ($2.50). He needs to pay it forever.


    "With his job, salt farming he has succeeded to pay my education although by borrowing money. After I finished from vocational school, my teacher offered me to continue study in Ganesha University of education. I was so excited to continue my study in Diploma 3 hotelier. I started my struggle here.


    "I never waste my time. I always take chance & aware to any opportunities in campus. There are many scholarships available for poor student with good achievement. Every year, I tried to get the scholarship to light up my family burden.


    "With high living cost in Singaraja, I tried to manage my money and have to maximise myself to get achievement and to survive by entrepreneurship. I opened spa from knowledge that I got from D3 hotelier. I got income from spa as self employed.


    "One day, there was PMW, Program Mahasiswa Wirausaha or student entrepreneurship program. I made proposal & business plan that I offered to my campus. With Ibu Dini assistance, I finally succeeded to pass the interview and my spa is funded. With Ibu Dini support also, I opened quality spa in Edotel for a year. With serious consideration, I moved my spa to Pejarakan where I live with my family.


    Here, I used my PMW funding to open sekolah alam or “Nature course”. This school is intended to give free education to poor students in English, Spa and preserving nature. I often asked myself how can I teach while I am myself busy studying. But it is not big problem. I use my spare time to teach 3 times a week while I have time from campus business. I also invited overseas volunteers. While they are visiting Bali, they can live in my house with free accommodation and free meals living like Balinese and understand how Balinese live. There are many volunteers who support me. This concept of PMW was from my education in Diplome 3 hotelier , the subject where I studied English and tourism.


    "Some volunteers were so impressed with my efforts and one of them invited me to come to his wedding that all the costs are from him.


    "This is my chance to see the world. My dream was to see Paris and Europe. The son of salt farmer now is achieving his dream. Thank GOD, father, mother, my sponsors, lecturers who have assisted me.


    "I am thinking that life is survival. Nothing is impossible. There is a will, there is a way. Keep fighting and do the best."


    Also written from Bali about Jana and his family dealing with their loss: https://www.balidiscovery.com/messages/message.asp?ID=10849 and https://www.balidiscovery.com/messages/message.asp?ID=10851 included here with permission of ww.balidiscovery.com


    Bali, Mystical and Darkly Magic
    “On board that flight was a 24-year-old Balinese man, I Wayan Sujana, who was on his way back to Bali after attending the wedding of friends in Belgium when his life was tragically cut short. A self-made man coming from the most humble of economic circumstances in North Bali, Sujana was the backbone and future hope of his family distinguishing himself as a scholar and entrepreneur at an early age.

    “In accordance with Balinese belief that the souls of the dead are in danger of roaming aimlessly in another dimension unless prescribed prayers and rituals are performed that will guide the dead and leading them to the final disposition of their remains in a manner that will guarantee a safe and continuing journey of the soul.


    “Sujana’s family has had no news from the war zone where the plane fell or from Malaysian Airline regarding their brother and son’s body, clarifying if Wayan’s body has been found and identified.


    “In an atmosphere of urgency, ceremonies were conducted in the man’s home village of Pejarakan on Saturday, July 19 - little more than one day after the plane fell. Conducted by Balinese priests adept at communicating with the spirit world, a Nebusin ceremony was help to help guide the young man’s soul and body back to his home and family temple.


    “Held on Saturday morning, the spiritualist spoke to Wayan who spoke through medium saying in Balinese “I’m confused. Confused. Where am I? It’s so hot here.”


    “Wayan’s father, I Ketut Ginastra, prays that his son’s remains, regardless of their state, are quickly returned to Bali to permit prayers and a cremation seen as essential to permit Wayan’s restful repose and the continuing journey of his soul.


    “Malaysian authorities have asked the family to provide DNA evidence to aid in the identification of Wayan’s remains and also asked the family to prepare for a flight to Kuala Lumpur that will serve as the receptive center for human remains once they are made available by Ukrainian officials.


    “The family learned of their son’s death in the early hours of Friday, July 18th when a neighbor and friend of Wayan awoke the family to share the tragic news regarding the crash being broadcast by the international media.”


    Many of his friends hope somewhere, someone could help Jana's mission live on.


    The outpourings of messages on his Facebook page (Jana Hitter) are from Bali friends and friends around the world.


    One of his mentors, Ketut Mirani Kusuma Dewi, can be contacted on Facebook.


    I only helped her get the information posted, she’s been my inspiration for this story, too.

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