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    Posted July 20, 2014 by
    Sterling, Virginia
    This iReport is part of an assignment:
    New violence in Israel and West Bank

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    Open Letter to President Obama

    Open Letter to President Barack Obama
    Abu Sayed Mahfuz
    In 2007 the day I have read President Obama’s book “Dreams From My Father” I was so amazed. I believed Obama is real, not like a typical politicians, Obama himself talked about different type of politics in his book Audacity of Hope. I believed in him, I believed there are different kind of politics and different kind of politicians. Since then I have supported Obama un-conditionally, I have defended many of his administrative decisions.
    Honorable president Barack Hussain Obama, this is your last term, you know and we all know, you do not need our vote anymore. You do not need me to campaign for you anymore; yes, you don’t have to care about us anymore. But Mr. President, I wanted you to live like Abraham Lincoln, the man you always refer to, I looked at you like Martin Luther King, Gandhi or other humanitarians. Mr. President I read your both books at least 5 times each. I have the audio copies as well, which I have listened several times in my car while driving; I wanted to internalize every word you have said in “Audacity of Hope” and “Dreams From Father”. I have a 13 years old son, who is born from multi-cultural parents; I wanted to inspire him from the inspiration you got from your father and grandfather, I wanted to give him your book as a gift.
    Mr. President, we all know, Israel controls United States politics, US congress, Senate, White house, yet we hoped, we did hope reading your books, we believed on your speeches.
    Mr. President, I personally have no problem with anyone’s faith, besides being a long time board member of Interfaith group, I have been in church many times, not only that, I took my then 10 years old son to church a few times to help him understand and respect other faiths, several church leaders call me their brothers, and I do have best brotherhood friendship with several declared atheist, same way I don’t have any problem with Ahmadiah faith, but I wish organizers of white house Iftar knew or appreciate that there are some fundamental differences between Ahmadiyah faith and mainstream Muslim faith, I could be more happy if white house has declared that this Iftar is for Ahmadiyah. As I hear your White House Iftar speech, I got little confused, was this gathering to highlight Ahmadiya and Isreal’s rights or to appreciate Muslims.
    Mr. President, I am losing that hope. You do not need to win the election again as US president, but honorable President Barack Hussain Obama, you may lose our heart, you might be proving our high perspective as wrong, I think that is your lose. I started thinking of you as Abraham Lincoln, Dr. Martin Luther King, I hope you keep our hope high. Is it the picture of same Barack Obama I got from your books?
    And finally, as a proud US Citizen, I must say, by supporting Israel so blindly and irrationally, in fact you are disrespecting and hurting America and Americans. This is not most Americans think of believe in!!
    Abu Sayed Mahfuz
    Virginia, USA
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