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    Posted July 21, 2014 by
    Farmersburg, Indiana
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    Lead-Up to Entanglement?


    As  I sat, listened and watched US Ambassador to the United Nations  Samantha Power address the UN Security Council the other day charging  that Russia and Russian-backed rebels in eastern Ukraine were  responsible for the horrendous shooting down of Malaysian Airlines  Flight 17, killing 298 people, I was struck with an eerie feeling that I  had heard this or something similar before.

    From  the remarks of some members of Congress from both sides of the aisle,  there is a familiarity in those comments. Vice President Joe Biden,  never one to shy from speaking his mind, seems to be talking in an  uncanny manner of a former sitting vice president. The voice of  Secretary of State John Kerry echos in tone and manner one I have heard  before from a previous secretary of state.

    The  press conferences of the White House and press releases have a strange  resemblance to those I have heard and read before. Even the call to  unite and hold accountable the perpetrators of the shooting down of  Flight 17 by President Barack Obama stir memories of the call to arms of  a former president.

    Difference  is that this time around, the President is waning in popularity both at  home and in stature around the world. This time around the majority in  Congress are reluctant to do more. This time around the majority of the  public is skeptical and reluctant for the US to do anything, but bring  the troops home.

    A  recent poll conducted prior to the shooting down of Flight 17 had 67%  of Americans saying the nation should limited its action to those that  are clearly a threat to national security. Only 22% of Americans see the  US as a moral leader in the world. On Ukraine 17% want more US  involvement to stop the aggression of Russia and its President, Vladimir  Putin. The right amount of involvement is what 33% thought about US  efforts in Ukraine. Another 34% thought the US should curtail what  efforts it was making in Ukraine.

    Of  course this was prior to the tragic, deadly flight. Those numbers  always change after an incident such as this. But will the numbers swing  like a pendulum or be more incremental this time around?


    Maybe it is just me. But there is a aura of deja vu to all of this happening over the last few days.

    From the Cornfield, as I sit here this afternoon, my concern is that perhaps once more we are in a lead-up to entanglement.

    What  has come out of this seems to be a meeting of minds from both  Republicans and Democrats calling for the need for a leader on the world  stage - a leader both sides say should be the President.

    The  world is also looking for a leader - but, this time the world seems to  be looking elsewhere to an Angela Merkel in Germany or a David Cameron  in Great Britain.

    Now  is not the time to reassess. As people from both political parties are  saying, now is the time to be firm, to stand tall, to not equivocate.

    I  agree there is a need for more backbone and less quibbling when our  bluff is called. But, I do not want us in another entanglement which  never truly benefits us.

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