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    Posted July 21, 2014 by
    Watertown, New York
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    Stop Blaming the Victims and Refugees of U.S. Trade and Foreign Policies Which Have De-Stabilized the World

    So U.S. Foreign Policy, the Washington Consensus, and trade policies such as NAFTA and TPP are the products of conservative 'think tanks' in the world of U.S. Politics.
    I think we need some new 'think tanks'.
    What have the policies of austerity brought the people of the World?
    Maybe we should rephrase the question and ask, "Austerity for whom?"
    Certainly, these brutally harsh measures have inflicted their share of suffering on many poor and middle class people in every country- not just in developing countries but the effect of the greed has now begun to make its way into the American middle class.
    People are pretty smart. When told the facts, they can adjust to circumstances and find solutions to make it all work.
    But the truth is not what they are being told.
    Take the statement that, "Inflation is under control".
    We know it's not, especially with things that effect most people who don't have lots of money.
    Food, energy, cell phone bills, cable, gas, and everything else we need to buy has gone up in cost.
    So when the government says that inflation is non-existent, they're lying.
    We see the refugees showing up on our country's southern border and what does government want us to believe?
    Would you want to leave your country and travel to another land to get a job?
    You might leave if violence threatened your life.
    Our foreign policies have affected Central American governments.
    The United States supplies weapons to many places in the World and wars break out. Any surprise here?
    The trade policies our government enters into with other governments have not benefited the majority of American workers.
    The deal we struck with South Korea is allowing them to dump steel in our country which is costing us jobs in that industry.
    NAFTA de-stabilized the Mexican agricultural small farms causing them to no longer be able to make a living.
    So they come here, looking for work and we blame them for what our government did by passing a poorly written trade policy. Or maybe it wasn't poorly written. Big American agriculture was able to sell corn cheaper to Mexico so they benefited, but at what cost to family farm owners in Mexico.
    Most of the problems we see around the World are caused by U.S. Imperialism that is forced upon them by the fact that we have the biggest military.
    And we've shown that we're not hesitant to use it to force our views on others no inclined to accept them willingly.
    What has the U.S. become?
    Wars? Yes, we do that well.
    But when it comes down to taking care of the people of the United States, our government has begun treating Americans the way they do other countries where we take resources by force and coercion.
    People are beginning to notice. That's why the NSA has turned its spying apparatus inward on Americans.
    It is guilt that motivates our government and greed.
    So let them drop the charade and façade of being there as a beacon of hope.
    We lost that illusion with the first plane load of Central American refugee children we shipped back to the violence they fled- the violence our policies has created in their countries.
    All for what? Resources?
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