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    Posted July 21, 2014 by
    Tel Aviv, Israel
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    New violence in Israel and West Bank

    The solution, is not military

    We live in Tel Aviv with 2 kids (9, 3), no "mamad", bomb shelter in our house... The kids are on holiday, but we (the parents) not feeling like "having fun!", all of our plans for the summer,.I don't even remember some of them... flying abroad?, just can't do it, we must be here, the country is in war... war is all over T.V... the kids? the small guy, very happy seen a lot to fire, a lot of "Sam firemen", police, soldiers on T.V. and knows how to imitate the siren sound... my order girl, not even aware of the fact that IDF, is inside Gaza, and the Siren? nice! because of all the neighbor gathering together'..."boom! explosions? wow this one was so close!"... We are following the rules, we don't want to get hurt, we won't give Hamas, that pleasure!. As a mother, I can't understand the mothers in Gaza, there is a war going on, get away! nobody really care about your children dying, so what the point is! put them in a safe place!. When I was young, I worked with people from Gaza, so I can't not be very emphatic to their suffer, as well...

    Everyone! has always said that, when they will began firing rockets to Tel-Aviv, that's it! game over!

    But the true is that after almost 3 "operations", rockets are flying further, "ba'aden" Tel-aviv...

    Afghanistan and Vietnam, a paradise!, in compassion to this Islamic terrorist entity. Gaza is a Weapon warehouse!, the the tunnels?

    Who is suffering the most from the "Hamas"insanity, is the Gaza citizen themselves...

    The "Hamas" must be eradicated, and IDF is not going to do this alone.
    World community, it's your call ! and I don't mean only by military ways, but also by Diplomatic, politics ways. "Fatah" back Gaza, for an instance, would be nice...

    And in the back of my head and in the middle of my chest, all the time!, IDF, is not a 'professional' army, IDF is us. All of us. Those kids inside Gaza, they are ours. 1 single soldier inside Gaza? a pain in my chest.... This country must learn that not all the problems, can our should be solved by military methods...
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