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    Posted July 22, 2014 by

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    Stop the World War 3 before it really getting started

    It is a shame how those people with a high influence started killing eah other because iof a 2000 year old familly war. It is true, that those who were responible fort he victims out of WW 2 must be jedged by the highest judgement and tghose who still live by the money out of those days should be judged for denying the truth. Nobody wants war and the best thing to stop this ist o respect the borders.l The borders haven´t been respected back in the days, that´s why many problems started to grow. For example i would apriciate it, when every religious constitution trying to build a church in foreig countries should build one religious constitution in theire own country. Anyway, i would apriciate when the religious leaders should stay where they are, when they respect the truth. On every religion is much blood spread out of innocent believers fighting for a truth wich particularry would be, that there is just one god. You can name him however you want to an das long as believing leads people to achieve theire goals without hurting or blaming others, it is okay. We are all connected nowerdays and none religion got the right to say that it ist he only truth. On this point we come back tot he borders. If anybody decides to live in a foreign country he should first inform himself about all habits and cultural aspects in the chosen country. I fit does not fit with the own habits, anybody should stay where they are and try to build up a better future in the home country instead of trying to influence a foreign country with knowledge which might taken as a attack. We are all living in a high technology connected world where noone should have no opportunity. It is always the innocent people who were treaten badly. Those who are trying to secure a country should be treaten with respect, as long as they are defined and following theire own rules. This ist he main problerm in the corrupt E.U. , where the leaders like the berlin governer and others disrespect the laws and blaming those, who just giving him his wanted gifts. I would say that the consumer is the person, who just regulates the normally demand and deliver system. This is an easy business rule every 3rd grade schoolkid knows.The drug problem around the world iss ad. Noone talks about those, who were highly intelligent but busted down by the system just because of abusing substances, wich are blamed as illegal. I want noone to take any drugs at all. But therefore we need to define the word „drug“. It starts with coffee and sugar, goes far to nicotine, alcohol, marihuana and all chemical medicaments starting up to aspirin going up to opium. It is a shame how the poklice is abused by the government to arrest innocent people, wich commit crime but mainly are not those, who are really responsible for it. Therefore i want to go tot he example oft he berlin goverer „Klaus Wowereit“. He is a known „speed“ consumer. This is a shame by itself. When you are in a political position you should take responsibility for your position and should not take any illegal drug, permitted by the country laws.. He is responsible for a big arrest of a drug cartel, but he bought and consumed it befgore. I ask myself who ist he criminal? The consumer who just creates demand or the producer, who just tries to deliver.I will continue this article and thank you for reading this article. This is Julius Stein for CNN I-Report.
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